Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stepping back, reassessing and enjoying my cat.

Stop reading now if you don't need to read the major rant of a mind numb minion are more than welcomed to skip right to the photos of Buddy or click the next blog instead.

I enjoyed a relaxing weekend with only a couple of things on my to do list.  It has been a obligation filled four weeks that has really gotten me down.  EVERYDAY there has been at least one extra curricular thing I had to do, an appointment to keep, financial report to balance and distribute, mail merge to complete for invitations, a fundraiser to set up or attend, etc.   I have always been a volunteer and long have taken much heat from friends and family for it but I believe you can't always be a taker, you need to give that is how I get myself wrapped around the axle.   Not to mention the pace had me freaking out about the upcoming holidays!  When will I shop and decorate!  I can easily work myself up into a frenzy.  It boiled over last weekend when I was running around trying to pull off an indoor yard sale for my non profit selling 25 years of theater props, costumes and junk as well a coordinating renting tables for others to sell.  It was a good exhausted I was felling as I was checking FB that evening until I read a post of a board member who was not available to help.....the post said that she had a boring week and nothing to do for the weekend and went to the casino for some fun.  Well I am a smacked a$$ I guess.  My immediate disbelief turned to anger then to frustration and it just got me down.  Right now my mindset is all the volunteer work is standing in the way of what I want to do.  I will fulfill my obligations but soon my obligation will start when I am on the other side of the bake sale table or standing in line when  the doors open if I participate at all!   If I do go, my hair will be in place, my make-up freshened up, I will have dressed at home and not in a Ladies restroom, I will have had a real dinner and not a candy bar or something I packed before I left the house hours earlier and I will be able to smile and have mindless chit chat with others.  I will leave the event without having to cleanup and walk out with the security guard locking the door behind me.....just been plain tired and short tempered and have not stitched more than a few stitches in what seems like forever.

To stitchers, taking away our stitching time is like taking away our sunlight!  Right?  I mean, we need to stitch on a regular basis or else we become not nice people.  One of my errands for work took me to Michael's so I took advantage of a gift card I had and bought myself two new sets of q-snaps. I didn't realize how crappy my other q-snaps were.  A boost to the sagging morale.  After spending a couple of mindless hours on the sofa yesterday morning watching Hallmark channel sappy Christmas movies and pulling out Grace Mason, who surely must believe I put her up for adoption,  I am better! Not enough stitching completed worth photographing but I am sure there will be progress to show by next weekend.

And then there is Buddy......

Buddy!  Not my Dovos.
Too bad I did not have my camera ready when he jumped up and took
them right out of my stitching basket in his mouth.

As for Buddy.  What a hoot this cat is.    He is all the finer points of every other cat I have every had rolled into one mischievous ball of fur.  It is so nice to come in the door at night and have his unconditional love.     I tell him about my day and he listens and purrs acceptance and then I am off to discover what he has done while I was out.

Hmmm,  when he is not setting off the motion sensor in my family room and causing the security company to check in with me, he is raising and lowering the blinds.
He needs help on learning how to keep them level.
This peacock feather was brought downstairs from an upstairs
bedroom WITHOUT knocking over the rest of the arrangement.
Buddy helps me put away groceries! Maybe
he wants to audition for "Chopped"
After almost shutting him in one night as I
was walking away I make sure he is not in there.
Buddy pauses from our paperwork to re-hydrate.
Oops!  No flash, but Buddy is in jail.
I was wrong, Buddy must want to get ready for the next season of
"Project Runway" since he saw fit to toppled my mini
mannequins.  I bet that crash sent him scurrying.
The 'before' arrangement in my sewing room.
Who me.....I will play aloof and catlike and ignore you

My morning ritual is to get up, get coffee, grab my laptop or iPad and watch the news.   This is now enjoyed with Buddy on my lap so replying to emails or even stitching is not happening.   I am really enjoying this additional to my life.


Mad about Craft said...

I spent 30 years as a scout leader until I burnt out 3-4 years ago. At present I am not volunteering for anything but I know I probably will again in the future, when I'm ready.

Chris said...

Rock on Robin! Time to take care of you and let some other people step up. Time to learn to say no.

Buddy is a hoot, why do they always go for our scissors?

Shebafudge said...

I can totally understand your rant about volunteering and people who can't be bothered. I think I would be feeling very cross with it all too! I'm sure you can find a way to 'give back' that doesn't involve you feeling bad because of others and pressure. How about some charity stitching? Best of both world's!

Your little kitty is so adorable and looks just like our Biskey. Sadly if he helps himself to something, he knocks over the whole lot so I am well impressed that Buddy doesn't :)

SparkCrafted said...

Oh Buddy!!! The peacock feather is hilarious! Actually, they're all hilarious. He is a total cat.

stitcheranon said...

Just found you 'blog-hopping' and I had to laugh. With you, not at you. I have had four weeks like that too: tryint to juggle an new business, running family everywhere extra because they all have BIG things going on in their lives and YES we need stitching or a creative moment each day or we shrivel up and die...or at least get real crabby! I think it is important that we get some kind of life balance. Helping others and helping ourselves, cus if we become angry nut jobs then we are no good to anyone! Love the cat; my four dogs help me focus and put me in my place lol

Lee said...

Great reflections on how we need our stitching! And I think I'm in love with your Buddy Cat. OMG, is he ever adorable!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, I fully understand you on volunteering. Been there, done that, and stepped back in order to do me some good and stay myself. It was the right decision.
Enjoy your stitching!

cucki said...

Aww your cat is so sweet..kisses
Hugs x

Precious Crafts said...

Hello, I envy your volunteer work - I wish I had the time! :D If it were not for the stitchings... you're right, stitching makes us a nicer/better person. Maybe it's time to give yourself a break? All the best & cheers! :D

Catherine said...

Great post! I recently started making stitching time again, and you are so right about needing that! Looked over Buddy's antics a couple of times and smiled every time!

Lillie said...

I totally understand how obligations getting into our life.
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post. I just can't keep smiling at Buddy's antics.He's adorable.

Well, take time to stop and smell the flowers.

Lynn D said...

I think you deserve to enjoy yourself on the other side of the table.

Love, love, love your cat. I have three little lovelies myself. Life is always full of love, adventure and fun when it is shared with felines.

Kimmie said...

Uh. A busy cat is a happy cat? LOL.

After 14 years as an at home mom, I thought I'd try my hand at substitute teaching. Then I found out that there are only 15 people on the list for 5 schools. My time just got shorter and I'm not sure I like it.