Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Been up for hours..

what is it that sleep seems to evade me (us)?   So frustrating to be WIDE AWAKE in the wee hours.   I don't mind the quiet, don't mind the extra stitching time, don't mind catching up on my DVR'd shows, do mind that I will crash and burn early in the evening.

Been cruising through blogs and catching up for an hour or so.  Been waiting for that email blast from work that the office is closed today - 15 inches of snow outside - Yippee!   I brought plenty of work home and can log in easily** to complete some tasks.  **I have to laugh at ~easily~.   When I VPN'd in last night, I needed to download an upgrade from work.  Simple right?  Well someone did an upgrade to my laptop the first of the year and assigned a password to my laptop.   Why I don't know/never had one before.  Problem is what they typed and what was written in out little old book o' passwords didn't match.  I was panicking that it meant a trip to the Apple Store in the ~snow closed~ mall.   Ah! No, not the case with modern technology.   Hats off to Apple and the Apple tech people.   Simple email from my iPad, quick phone call from Tech Support and my system is unlocked, password reset and listed correctly and  able to log a couple of hours last night.

Back to the snow, I had shoveled driveway three times before Mr. W got home from work. But it is that light powery stuff so it was E-Z P-Z.   I actually enjoyed it.   (Sicko I know).    I enjoyed the chill on my cheeks and the rosy glow when I would come inside and enjoy a nice cuppa of something - cocoa or coffee!  Right now it is still too dark to take any photos.

So here are some photos of my first finished finish of the year.  I started this in December and finished the applique earlier this month.  I actually didn't let this one gather dust while sitting in my finishing basket.   This was a great project for work or to stitch when out.   No need to watch a pattern and count and recount.   Just the good ole blanket stitch.  

I have a larger table runner that might be a good choice as a take along project for vacation.  Here's a neat trick that Stacy S. shared with me......instead of using doubled sided interfacing to iron and hold everything in place while you stitch, staple your pieces in places!  I mean why not, pulling the staples once stitch will leave no marks in the wool.   Really good tip.  Thanks Stacy.
So quick, so easy

  I selected this when I purchased my new chairs last spring.   I thought the black felt would tie together the black on the chairs.

Today - between working from home and doing other snowbound stuff, I hope to complete another finish.    Last year I stitch a large stuffed Santa but as is often the case with me....I was sidetracked to something else before I was completely finished.    Santa was to be holding a stocking.   I did the stitching earlier this month and now have the stocking ready to assemble.  It was such a wee little stocking that I am thinking it so silly that I never stitched it last year.   Here's hoping I can post another finish before vacation.

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