Saturday, January 4, 2014


Well it is only the 4th day of the year and I need to put a disclaimer on my 2014 Stitching Goals.  I actually realized I had run amok when I did my annual New Year's Day new start which I didn't even technically wait until the 1st to start.  It's all relative - first of the year - again with the justification!    So my stitching path for the year has wild cards which include any guild projects or SAL's, any class projects, and my New Year's Day start will be EXEMPT from this silly concentrate-on-only-two-pieces-at-a-time mantra.

This is Penny America.  Ever have one of those brainless times?   I counted, calculated and even used my ICalc Stitching ap but just struggled with the starting point so disregard the upper left motif.  It is the first 2014 frogging needed.    I knew I would never have order fabric with only a one-inch to 1 1/2 selvage.    I re-started, as you can see, by finding the middle and working out.   Rather than proceed from the center out I just had to stitch over to the left side to validate I ordered a piece big enough.

Getting a new camera for Christmas and looking back I realized I took almost NO holiday pictures. Still too many bells and whistles I don't know how to use on the camera. This is my son, intent on directions to the Flex One I gave him.  

 Gavin looks happy with the afghan made in Penn State colors by Aunt Amy.

Yesterday I had a *snow* day from work.   After shoveling and clearing walkways, a bit of stitching and a bit of napping in the recliner with Buddy on my lap, I thought I needed to get in gear and take advantage of the bonus day at home.   I started the 'undressing' of the house.   Usually it looks bare but this year I am embracing the sleekness of the clean kitchen counter.  Almost everything is down except for the trees.   Small problem, the snow has drifted and blocked access to the door to the section of the garage when the storage tubs are.  Oops!

I moved upstairs with a mission in mind.    I ~Shopped~ My Stash.    I organized my charts and kits.    One small problem....I didn't know how to proceed.  How do you organize them:  by designer, by what is completely kitted, by desired stitching order??    I decided to order by theme:   Christmas together, Patriotic together, etc.  Don't know if it it right or wrong but it works for now.  

Here's my AFTER view of everything sorted and stored.   I got the nifty boxes from Ikea.   There is not enough height in my cabinet to stand the magazine files upright but they work just fine on their sides. 

All these finished pieces that even have the finishing fabrics chosen but I never returned to complete.   It's on the list for this year.  I moved them out of the box they were stored in and into a basket I will have to see every time I go into my sewing room.  Goal - one finish a month.  

If you have managed to stay with me this far, here's a treat.  On my mission to sort I did an honest evaluation of my stash.    I made a decision to get rid of those charts that even though I still love I realize I will never ever do in three lifetimes.   I love Ellen Chester but do I really need another Huswif or Necessary? That and tastes change, new charts come along, etc., etc.  I am offering these up in a PIF/Pay It Forward Give-A-Way.  

1.  Let's keep it simple.  No jumping through hoops.  One entry per person.  Enter by responding to this post only.
2.  You can share this with others, or not.
3.  The winner must agree to peruse the charts, keeping what they wish and passing on what they don't care to keep in a PIF Give-A-Way within 4 weeks of winning.
4.  The winner must agree to shop their stash and include charts, floss, trims, fat quarters, etc. they no longer wish to keep.
5.  Winner must have a blog.
6.  Sorry, USA and Canada entries only.
7.  Winner will be drawn on January 22rd.   I  will be away from the 24th of January until       February 2nd.   Winner will need to follow up via email or a comment during that time.  When I return from the sunny, warm, snowless, Caribbean I will send the package out.  No response by the winner by February 2nd, a new winner will be selected from existing entries.

Whoosh! And that is what I thought was keeping it simple!

Here's the some of the booty:   Mill Hill, JBW, Shepherd's Bush, Maureen Appleton, Milady's Needle, Ellen Chester, Rosewood Manor, Drawn Thread, Cindy Valentine and more.   Most are just the charts, some have embellishments, some have floss, some are complete kits.

That's quite a stack o' stuff.

As for me, I think I will be staying cozy and close to the fire today.   Yes, that is Buddy on the mantle.   After countless times of replacing everything back to its rightful place each evening, I resigned myself that this is where Buddy wants to sleep.   I am not a Cat Owner, I am rather  Owned by a cat!

Happy stitching all and a thank you for stopping by and your comments.   I don't always reply to your comments (life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it) but I do read (and re-read) and cherish that you took the time to visit and leave a note not to mention that I am inspired by your blogs, your stitching, your finishes and your generosity and friendship!


Anna van Schurman said...

I always start in the middle because my calculations are always wrong. I sort charts by theme and the kits, kitted, and mostly kitted are in a basket, the in process are in another basket, and the fufos in another. Whatever works!

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Oh Robin, I would love to be entered in your stash giveaway. I have also been sorting and making piles to PIF this year because as you said my tastes have changed, not to mention just the sheer volume of stash I have acquired along with what mom passed to me when she stopped stitching, I think I could PIF everyday this year and still have more than I could stitch in my lifetime.
Have fun on your sunny vacation!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, you already have the first frogging of the new year behind you. I'm sure it won't happen so fast again, lol.

You made good use of your snow day. Reorganizing your stash was certainly fun, too.The lucky winner of your PIT Give-away will be able to choose among some great charts.

Ma Teakettle said...

I got tired just reading your post, Robin :) You did good girlfriend!
I'm sorry about the frog's early visit, maybe he came, saw and you kicked him on his way…fingers crossed.
Your stash looks so nice and organized…and I love the idea of filing by theme, I might try that myself.
As for the PIF, what a very generous giveaway…I'm not entering, just commenting on your great post…trying to get rid of my own stash with a giveaway these days lol…GMTA!
Hugs and stay warm with Buddy…he's too cute on the mantle.

Catherine said...

You certainly have been busy!! I can't stop laughing about being owned by the cat!!!!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Cleaning, organizing and stitching! That's what I call productive! :)
No entry for me, I've got enough to last a lifetime myself :

Chris said...

Ugh frogging! I have been having trouble with starting to far from one edge and being shortchanged on the other side. Maybe I need to do that start from the middle thing. I love Penny America!
Great job with the stash organizing. You have many lovely charts.
Have a great weekend!

Teresa S. said...

Lovely organizing and hard work, Robin! Might I suggest donations to your local guild (EGA, sampler guilds Or ANG)? I just picked up a donation yesterday from the daughter of a guild member who has recently passed away.
Our chapter uses donations for fundraising. These are earmarked for monthly "opportunity" drawings (think raffle) at our meetings. All proceeds go to chapter activities/eduction,etc.
No entry for me, I am overflowing, too!

Erin said...

Ugh, bummer on the frogging. My New Year's start is over-one, and I used a gigantic piece of fabric - I probably will kick myself for "wasting" a good portion of it when I am finished!
I too am stash-stitching this year, but I'd like to be included in your PIF/stash giveaway drawing anyway. Heck, I will probably add more to the pile than I'll take out...

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great idea! I organize and file all kinds of ways--Designers, Christmas, Adam and Eve, seasonal

I am also owned by a cat--Miss Callie Mae

Mary said...

Hi Robin, I'm so happy to have found your interesting blog! It does look like you'be been busy since the start of the new year. What fun to enter your PIF!

Anonymous said...

Like all cats, Buddy knows the saying:
Dogs have owners,
Cats have Staff.
Great sorting and stitching start for the new year.
Shirley, CT

Andrea said...

You certainly made the most of your snow day with all of that organising.

Lillie said...

I think your snow day is very productive.

newfie princess said...

I would love to be entered to be a part of the chart/stash pass around. I have many kits and charts (doubles too of Prairie Schooler) that I would love to pass along to another stitcher. Great Idea! Loving your post about your cat lol.

diamondc said...

Robin: As I sit in a coffee shop, there is cold weather going on outside about -3 degrees here in Alexandria Minnesota, I see your lovely fireplace, it did warm me up a bit just seeing it, please include me in your generous giveaway.

Happy stitching