Friday, February 28, 2014

More passing time....

Feeling better.   Thought I was better last week and I was, but I am even better this week.  Visited my surgeon yesterday and he is pleased with my progress.   My next surgery is on the 4th and then it will be the count down for back to work which may be as soon as March 10th.....I have fingers crossed it will be March 17th.  Not trying to shirk my job responsibilities but hey, I will still have stitches across my face!   Alas,  so it goes.

In addition to looking forward to going back to work (sic) I have a road trip planned with my stitching pals to Woodlawn in March.   Woodlawn is in Alexandria VA and will be hosting the 51st Annual Needlework show.   Thousands of items are submitted each year and are on display throughout the mansion for our viewing pleasure.   It is a nice road trip with friends, we will have lunch out and *perhaps* a stop at a needlework store too!  I am so looking forward to being able to be out in public again.

Seems I have exhausted Buddy who appears to have fallen asleep mid-play.  I bet he will be happy when I go back to work and let him have the day to sleep uninterrupted.

 I stitched up this heart on wool.  Even though Valentine's Day is past, it is still out.   Hearts and snowmen still decorate my house and will likely stay around another ten days until I get clearance from the doctor to move about a bit more.  Maybe I need to get those snowmen away and spring flowers out to encourage springtime.

Miss Amy, Nurse #2, stitched up this quilt while she was here.   She also made this shawl for a friend.  And that was in between doing uniform alterations for an indoor drum line she assists with. I am doubly blessed.  Not only do I have wonderful daughters - they are stitchers and crafters too!

When Nurse #1 - Heather was here, she stitched two quilt tops, spun and plyed yarn, and sewed two tote bags.   Unfortunately I was not clear headed enough to think to take photos of all her accomplishments but I did get one of the yarn.

I did get this photo of Heather's handiwork.   She delights in turning my bears upside down to see how long before I notice.

For me, I continue to get my stitching fix with my wool applique.

This has been a good project to work on while being challenged without glasses.  


llknbillburg said...

I am looking forward to that Woodlawn trip too! Always enjoy seeing what others are working on. Your wool work is lovely! I'll have to keep that in mind should I become unable to use my glasses!!! Laura

butterfly said...

Another lovely post , glad you are feeling much better,
Love all your work , and the teddies .

Blu said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Fingers crossed that things will continue to progress well.

Your wool stitchery is very pretty. I love the red heart!

Christine said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Your felt pieces are darling!

Robin said...

Your wool applique projects are super! Wishing you a fabulous trip to Woodlawn.

Robin in Virginia