Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scissors Block

Here are some pix of my steps for on my rendition of the scissors block project for my guild.    I debated on how to approach the challenge and came up with using perforated paper - I have no idea where this bolt of inspiration came from.   

I stained the wooden block with two coats of stain and then painted the block with a cream color paint.   My intention was to distress the corners and allow the stain to show through. 

I had no expectation on winning a prize but did enjoy the challenge of being creative.   To see what some of the others did and be amazed by, check out the other blog I maintain - Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild. 

Next I picked sewing/stitching motifs from Donna Kooler's 555 Country Cross Stitch Patterns book. 

Now on to stitching.    I found some great tips on the internet and  mounted the paper on stretcher bars which allowed for stitching without me dog earring and bending the paper.

Why is the creative workspace seldom a tidy workspace?

A last minute brainstorm - stitch each side to brown felt and glue the felt to the sides.

Any port in the storm when I needed to apply pressure while the glue dried.  

My finished scissors block.  It was a fun challenge and I think I would do it again.   Especially since I have seen all the good ideas of my other guild members!

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Faith... said...

It looks very nice! Congrats on your creative finish.