Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello Old Friends!

Yeah me!  Stitches from latest surgery out this morning and I can now put my glasses back on.   I can now see everything that is less than five feet away from me.  What a relief!

Yesterday I went to the 51st Annual Woodlawn Exhibit in Alexandria, VA.   I was somewhat disappointed with the display itself but it may be me.   You know when you first see something like the Woodlawn show you are knocked off your feet by sheer quantity and the quality of the pieces on display. Returning year after year nothing seems to quite measure up to that first visit when you were awed?   I think that is where I was yesterday.  There were a lot more needlepoint pieces this year and not as many Japanese Embroidery than in the past.  There was a special exhibition on loan from the White House of stitching of the First Ladies which was pretty neat.  Overall, I don't think the total number of pieces submitted for display was as many as there have been in the past.  What was there was exquisite and inspiring.  It was a very nice day.   Always is when you spend the day with stitching friends.

I did finish my wool table runner.   I've got some pesky wrinkles that I will have to gently steam out.  They are kind of a good indication of how long this kit has sat folded in the packaging just waiting for my attention.


stitchersanon said...

I love the runner...very pretty xx Glad you have eyes to see with again lol xx

Robin said...

Your wool runner looks good. Glad you were able to go to Woodlawn, but sorry to hear it was somewhat of a letdown.

Enjoy your week!

Robin in Virginia

Susan said...

Glad to hear you are healing! Went to Woodlawn today and heard them say there are about 550 pieces. So definitely down from previous years. A little disappointed to see so much needlepoint and so few samplers, but the White House exhibit was nice.

Blu said...

Glad to hear that your eyes are doing well. The wool runner looks great.

Brigitte said...

Great for you that you can wear your glasses again. Your wool runner looks gorgeous.

Anna van Schurman said...

Glad you're back out in the world! Your wool table runner is pretty.