Saturday, May 17, 2014

The List

Well I took a really critical and a much needed honest look at my "to do" list.  I'd have to a Wonder Woman to think I could do this all myself.  I am no longer the gal that feels compelled to do it all.  With that said, I have been getting estimates on painting.  The first estimate disappointed me.  Suffice it to say it was so HIGH I knew I would never part with my hard earned money to pay someone to do what I could do.....albeit it would take me ten times longer.  Second estimate in, but this guy doesn't do handyman work.  Not to be discouraged.  One step at a time.  

I took a vacation day yesterday to get a jump on all things yard-like for the weekend and we had torrential rain all day.  

This is the shredded mess of leaves left on the pool deck.  Leaves
look like they went through the blender.
I took the opportunity to finish painting the trim in the guest room.  I am embarrassed to say I painted the room a couple of (let's be honest) several years ago but never completely finished the trim or took care of the holidays. "Holidays" are what my mom always called the work we missed!   I used this expression with a girlfriend and she was amused.  She never heard of such a thing.  She was born and raised in the Chicago area and it got me thinking of the different terms we know based on where we are from.  My friend from North Carolina taught me to say "bless your heart" ...sounds nice but if you are from (at least her part of) North Carolina you know you've just told someone off!  Makes them walk away scratching their head....was she being nice or ....wasn't she?

As for stitching I have been concentrating on Grace Mason only.  I look kind of silly carrying a big bag with a pillow case covered q-snapped piece into work for a few quick lunch time stitches.   I am trying, ( I really am!) to stick to my vow to only work on finishing things and not starting anything new - on all fronts - until can decrease the size of my to-do lists.   My goal this weekend is to finish the two baskets.
I don't know why I was fretting about these baskets.   EZ-PZ 

I am liking the colors more and more.   Almost in the homestretch now
The sun came up today for a beautiful day and rather than tackle the flower beds and surely get a wet bottom from the soggy ground,  I am out the door to wire brush to prep for priming/painting the pergola and cross that job off my list.

Before I start I took a yard tour.   I re-located my gazing ball to the back yard.  Now I can enjoy it from my deck.
My Peony is getting ready to POP!

 English Woods Hyacinths - a favorite of mine.

Love the new growth on the Lucky Charms* tree.  

 * I will have to dedicate entire post to the explanation of why
it is called the Lucky Charms tree.   Maybe a TBT post.

This is my view backing out of the driveway on the way to work.

Coral Bells coming on strong

Bleeding Hearts - should have gotten a photo last week.   Another favorite of mine.  

 hmmm, don't remember the name of this one but it is looking like I have a lot of 'pink' flowers.

Hopefully I will have enough time left over this weekend to prep all my potted plants for their summer home on the deck.  And what do I see - more shades of pink!   Geraniums, sweet potato vine and marigolds waiting to be planted.

A wire brush and ladder and power washer await me....enjoy the day......get some stitches in and thanks for stopping by.


Robin said...

Hope you get your priming and painting accomplished! Love the pictures of your yard and plants.

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

butterfly said...

Good luck with your painting , love your garden and flowers .
Your stitching is beautiful love the colours.
Have fun.

Faith... said...

Beautiful flowers you have there! Hope you can find someone with reasonable prices to help you get some of your list completed.

cucki said...

Beautiful pictures my dear
Love for you x

Chris said...

You have the NC thing down! Soo passive aggressive.
Gorgeous progress on Grace and your garden is so lovely.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Grace is looking good! I subscribe to the "slow and steady" approach to stitching large projects too. So what if it takes all year?

And "Bless your heart" could be seen as patronising in the UK, implying someone is a bit simple or child-like if it is said in response to an idea or a belief the person has stated.
If said after a favour has been offered then it's a nice thing!!
Who ever said English was an easy language? LOL

Solstitches said...

Your grden looks a treat - everything so pretty.
I think I need to adopt the idea of setting small goals when working on the big projects that overwhelm me.
Happy stitching,