Saturday, May 31, 2014

View from my desk on Friday

Octorara Resouvoir, Chester County, PA

One never knows what any given day will bring at my job......the CEO is hosting a fundraiser at her home on Monday and it was all hands on deck Friday to help prepare.   I admit I was reluctant and not looking forward to it on Thursday.   We always have a good time at these prep events but it does take away from the work at the (real) office.    Fortunately, LA, a work BFF, and I got garden duty.    I arrived at work early and put in a couple of hours before heading out to nearby Chester County PA.  Off we went in a company truck to  an Amish farm to buy hanging baskets and flats of flowers.   The baskets serve at decorations for the event then the CEO hands them out to helpers.   So win win win for me.   I got to buy tons of plants with someone else's money, I got to work in the yard, I'll get my choice of baskets Tuesday and I had tons of laughter along the way.     Back to Delaware with the first load which was so well received, we took the truck back for a second load.   

I just got to giggling as this struck me funny when we stopped for coffee.    Where I am from we take the gas can to the gas station not the lawnmower.    This little mini market was at a cross roads in the middle of Amish farms and I have no idea where the little lady driving it came from.   It just tickled my funny bone.

Once back at the farm, we were greeted by one (of the 40 plus) peacocks that roam her property.   I only had my phone so the photos do not show how beautiful he was.   You can not imagine the load rustling noise he makes when he rounds his tail feathers forward.  I am sure it is a defense mechanism.

 Isn't nature too cool how the feathers and colors align perfectly?   Really and truly amazing.

And as for the baskets we got, right above his head to the left is one basket.   Hard to tell by this pic but the baskets were 36" across for $15.  See why we got two truck loads!

 We laughed at this parting looked like an audition for A Chorus Line.  OK enough of the lifestyles of rich and famous and their work crew.

Back just in time for a Memorial Day display from Rensel Studio in Ogden, Utah is this Jeannette Douglas class piece I stitched last year.    Ever have a piece you are particularly proud of?   Right now it is this one for me.

Pat, a stitching pal, took the class with me and we sent out pieces together to Rensel.   She picked a different frame.   One with more of a cottage look in white.   Amazing how the two frames give equally beautiful but different results.

Sorry for the glare - just trying to get a close up of the detail of the cut outs.

Have a great day all......may your tasks be few and your stitches many.

Next time, my great progress with Gracie Baby!


Robin said...

Love your patriotic piece that you had framed! Wow, it is stunning! The peacock is gorgeous or perhaps I should say handsome.

Enjoy your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

cucki said...

Wow the peacock is so sweet..
Beautiful framed stitch..I love it so much....
Sweet photos..
Big hugs xx

Chris said...

Well, it was a different type of work day :) It sounds like you now have some lovely flowers. The peacock is just amazing.
Love the patriotic piece!

Lynn said...

Those peacocks are amazing!