Sunday, July 6, 2014

Oh I Love a 3-Day Weekend

Enjoyed a salted beverage
I wish we had one a month.  I guess there are those little things called vacation days that I could use to make monthly three day weekends happen. We had beautiful weather here in the mid-Atlantic.  My daughter, her husband and friends showed up and once the remnants of Hurricane Arthur rolled through it was a fab afternoon and evening.   I even needed to put on a sweatshirt sitting on the deck the evening of the fourth.
So let's see what's been going on in my corner of the world.   I have been getting up to speed with Mr. W. on the road.    All thoses little tasks like pool chemicals and recycling that usually just get done now fall to me.  At work, I have been gearing up for a $20M project that I have to manage  starting on Monday.  I have been working with our IT Dept to create a database with the work flows I need to automatically send assignments as well as reminders to the slackers.  Quite simply, I am the administrative funnel of the project. I am expecting hundreds of - more likely thousands when you factor in all the multi-parts Data Requests - will arrive from the Public Service Commission and the Public Advocate.  All the different departments will send me their responses for me to format, gather and label exhibits, get officer approval and forward on to the attorney's.  I am stressing that my co-workers will be waiting to the last minute that will result in work not flowing through that funnel smoothly.    Last case I work 46 days with only one day off.  By the end of the process I was on autopilot not remembering how I got to work or home.   I got home to find the cereal I put away in the fridge.  I am hoping this time that my being pro-active with using a SharePoint database to track everything will make it easier.   We shall see.

Everything came together like it was supposed to!
So because of work.....not been stitching was a beautiful thing though when I reached that all important final corner and the stitches linked up!   Yeah.    I had hoped to be done by this weekend and I am close.   I have a couple of little motifs over one to add and then the verse.

I might just stitch another basket in the opening.
Oops! The grey flowers on either side of the center stem were to be all pink.   
I really messed up on the final center motif.  I used the wrong color and since it is one thread over one I decided it will just have to stay and will just add to the other anomalies of Grace's design.  As for the verse, I am thinking of changing it to a verse I have on a wall hanging which brings me to this.......

everything has been stowed like this since 6/6 when Mr. W.  helped me move it.   The wall hanging is SOMEWHERE in these mess.   Seems not to have bothered Buddy.   It is not on my last nerve....YET.

Painters come this week.  I am having a real issue with the painters but I think it is on my side of the equation.  I just have a hard time paying someone for something I can do myself.  It seems though I am known through my family as the one who never finishes projects so I guess I need to get over the painter.

After my son-in-law left on Saturday, Heather and I did a little crafting.   We decompaged the inside of the drawers to the J. P. Coats  two drawer I got.  We were going to use tissue pattern pieces but decided to go with the instructions cut into various shapes.
Not a good pix to see the cording we made.   I used one skein each of black and beige perle cotton to make a twisted cord that we put into the corners.

Thanks for stopping by.....that's all I've got for now......


moosecraft said...

Wow! The pattern tissues to coat the inside drawers is an awesome idea! Love it!

diamondc said...

Robin: The drawers look fabulous, I love the tissue paper idea.
Your sampler is beautiful, I do like the color you used.
I am like you I hate to have someone else do things for me, but it woukld take me forever to do the painting myself.

Happy Stitching


Susan said...

Grace Mason is looking great! Will we see a finished piece at the guild meeting this month???