Friday, September 19, 2014

A Three-Peat

Three weeks and three finishes!  Here is my latest finish.   Now don't go and get all excited that I am a turbo stitcher, or don't imagine I stitch 72 hours a day and I don't go to work or don't clean my house.....this is another WIP from that Crazy January Challenge a few years ago.   You know the craziness of starting a new piece every day for the first 15 days of January.....yeah, one of those.    It lead to a big basket of UFO's.
 Introducing, A Little Quakeresque by Blue Ribbon Designs, another WIP bites the dust!  

 Still wet from washing, I didn't even let it dry and press it before I just had to share this latest completion!

My mind works in mathematical ways and I calculate things nine ways to Sunday. Kind of my own version of OCD. This piece really lent itself to that mental manipulation.   (9 times 9) plus  (2 times 4) for each corner piece = 89 motifs to complete.   EZ-PZ, just do one a day and add a few days of non-stitching (what? days of non-stitching??)  and I felt confident that in 120 days/3 months I would be done.......sometime along three plus years later I am now finished.

I am doubtful I can make it Four to Score and move another off piece from the incomplete list next week.......hmmm.....need to explore that UFO basket.


diamondc said...

Hi Robin: What a beautiful piece, I am sure it feels so good to have it finished.


llknbillburg said...

Love this finish!!! I think I have this one somewhere and may need to dig it out now!! Laura

Carol said...

You are really on a roll, Robin--what a beauty!! Good luck with a fourth finish :)

Robin said...

Congratulations on your finish! What color fiber did you use? It looks fabulous on your fabric.

Robin in Virginia

Blu said...

Wonderful finish! Congrats.

Ranae said...

Beautiful finish

Andrea said...

A great finish. Have a good week.