Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day 2014

I am so sad Labor Day weekend is over.    Not because summer is winding down, well maybe that plays a little part.  No I am sad because my kids are all back in their own respective households all safe and sound (which is a good thing). They started arriving on Thursday night and it has been non-stop food, fun, laughter,  and it is now painfully quiet.   From a household of 2 that swelled to a household of 8 and two large German Shepherds all sharing one bathroom is was a hectic heaven.    Showers and bathrooms breaks were worked out like a finely rehearsed ballet.  No sooner were dishes done it seemed someone was doing another load.  We had such a great time together with crabs and shrimp, dogs and burgers, deviled eggs, salads and all the other fun picnic food and games.  Everyone sharing the work, the cooking and dishes it was no hardship to anyone person.   I was so busy my camera didn't get used all weekend, or so I thought......

Since only my daughters and I were the crafters for the weekend, I didn't stitch but I took the bunch of unwound skeins and carded them uptime.   Too much distraction and too frustrating to try to explain what and why you stitch.

I got busted!  I posted I was done with Grace Mason and I was so done with her but I have never posted a photo of her completed.   Here she is in her glory.  The stitched area is 15 x 15.   Eight of us stitched this design from Of  Female Worth and my finish puts six of us as finished.  I am anxious to see everyone done and framed so we can take a group photo together.  Some stitched strictly as charted, some adapted by adding their initials and names, most of us changed the colors and we all stitched on a variety of sizes from 28 to 40 ct.  It will be curious to see them all together, all the same but all different.

I struggled with doing the verse and the possibility of changing it but nothing seemed quite right.   I let this piece sit for a few weeks with only section with the verse to complete.  Once I thought about it and made a decision on how to proceed, I considered this piece done.

 This was a fun stitch.   Each row when completed, offered the reward of a new row to stitch.
 And the border was such an easy repeat not like some borders that can be difficult.

Little bits of progress on Penny America.

I am itching to start a new take along project but am trying to show restraint.   Maybe for a diversion I should do some finishing!

And Troy!   Someone must have snapped a few pix of one half of my grand-dogs duo.   What a good boy he is and handsome too.  Too bad Buddy does not shared my sentiments towards Troy.  There were a few confrontations with Buddy making sure Troy and Etta knew who was the pet in residence!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great week all.   I am hoping for a bit of stitching progress and a trip to the framer next weekend to leave Grace Mason there.


butterfly said...

Love your header , and happy you had a good weekend.
Love your stitching and the colours .
Wishing you a great day.

cucki said...

Love your sweet header.. And beautiful stitching
Have a lovely day x

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend :) And your grand-dog is handsome, those eyes...sweetie!

Robin said...

Love the metal pumpkins in your header! It sounded like you had a fabulous weekend.

Robin in Virginia

Susan said...

Great finish, Robin! Retreat is only a month away and I'm sure you are already lining up your new starts!

SparkCrafted said...

Ha! That was me! I was apparently using everybody else's phone and camera on Sunday...

Andrea said...

A beautiful centrepiece on your table. Wonderful stitching.

Brigitte said...

A great weekend with a house full of family. I love that, too.

Lovely stitching and congratulations on finishing Grace. She's looking so great.