Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pressure Starting to Build!

Albeit self-imposed.   Right about this time of the year I start to silently will I get the shopping, decorating, cooking, wrapping, etc., etc., all done?  Factor in all the fun things to do like house parties, dinners with friends, and Holiday Christmas Tours!   I have already crossed a few needed gifts off my list but still the task is daunting.   Fortunately (or unfortunately) you are all in the same boat with me.   But enough......

Fall is in the air and after loosing two - three days this week to a fever and sinus infection it felt good to get outside yesterday.   I felt so crummy I didn't even stitch or read so you know I was down for the count.   I slept on the couch for two and a half days!   Still have some sinus pressure but hope my doses of Alka Seltzer Cold & Sinus will knock it out.   I really hate being laid up with a cold or similar.....such a waste of valuable time!

So what have I been stitching......first is the new start from my retreat.   This is the Elizabeth Pusey sampler from Chester County, PA.   All I can tell you is that this child must have just learned the eyelet stitch.....this design is overrun with them.   I thought about changing some to mosaic but decided to hold as true to the pattern as is humanly possible for me.   You can see I grow tired of the eyelet and have worked downward in order to get in some variety of stitching.   I am also finding that lighting is more important that magnification for this and any project.

The chart called for DMC but I converted to WDW.   I like the color gradation I am getting on the satin stitching.   I guess I really should concentrate on that two toned braided band first before continuing with the lettering.

My other current WIP has taken a back seat since retreat.   Here is my progress on my current Pat Thode/Heartstrings Santa.    I have another arm, a beard, and surface stitching to do to complete him. If I only put my mind to this one, I could wrap it up this week.  Starting with a breakfast with a girlfriend this morning, dinners out on Monday and Tuesday, nails on Wednesday, hair appt. and Stitching Group on Thursday (you know how you gab so much you sometime end up taking out anything you accomplished so stitching group = no progress!  LOL).....I don't see much stitching time in my future.   And just how is a girl to loose weight with all this eating out!   Geez!

I did a little Halloween decorating....

And I got Grace Mason back from the framer and on the wall.   I really like the frame I choose and I am very happy with this finish.  My goodness!  In retirement I think I need to take up framing!  It can really be expensive but some pieces, like Grace, deserve professional framing.

I need to carve out some time to stitch since I have signed up for the Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler - Things Unseen.  I am so excited!  The first mailing is at the beginning of November.  I always catch on to one of  these mystery stitch-alongs well after it has started and then I don't sign up.   This one - by some weird aligning of the planets - I knew about ahead of time.  It has been fun to follow the progress of the design, gathering of floss, buttons, etc., on the L*K blog.

So that's where I am this week.   More enjoyment of the crisp fall air and the rustle of leaves;   bringing my deck plants inside to winter over; hoping to get back into that treadmill routine (so easy to get out of ;-| ); a 6 a.m. airport run this week; planning to be a better co-worker after having words with a fellow employee this week (She deserved it! but it is not my style and I blame it on the medicine head I had); catching up on my other blog and two websites with some much needed updates; and saying prayers for a dear friend in Charleston, SC who underwent surgery for a brain tumor this week.  (I think a road trip south to make a visit may be in order!)


butterfly said...

Love all your wonderful stitching .

cucki said...

love your sweet stitching xxx

Robin said...

Love the frame molding you selected for Grace. Super progress on your sampler and your Santa.

Have a wonderful week!

Robin in Virginia

Andrea said...

Beautiful stitching and your home décor is great.

Sally said...

Beautiful stitching.