Sunday, November 9, 2014

Have you ever.....

run amok?    I mean for me, it is a weekly occurence.   Here's the deal.    I hate looking for things.   I mean to say I despise the total waste of time.   There is a place for everything.   If I could I might be tempted to draw an outline of everything hung on my pegboard to have a visual of what may be missing.  (I hold myself back as it just wouldn't go with the rest of the decor.)  I have been called Anal by the most retentive of people I know.   And there are only certain places I put things, especially a project I am working on.   So needless to say I was at least one glass of Kendall Jackson level of frustration as I searched for the threads to my current project.    You know how you retrace your steps and keep looking in the same place like something will magically appear?   Yeh, that was me walking in circles Friday night.  I must have added a half mile to my Fitbit total for the day.  I also spent time looking for the spray bottle I use on my ferns now that I have brought them inside for the winter.   I guess I was on my way somewhere and got sidetracked and put it in a 'safe' place.   I felt like one of those internet puzzles where you have to find things that are in plane site.

I keep my floss on what I have decided are those nasty little cardboard cards and usually put them on a ring for the project at hand.   That is until the holes rip and you can't put them on a ring any longer.  I have these nifty little pencil boxes (thank you Diane from Tennessee!) that fit so nicely in my stitching bag and I can use for project threads.  After looking in the same places at least twice each, I resigned myself to be satisfied that my threads fell out of my bag under
my desk at work and that there they would remain until I return to
work on Wednesday morning.   Imagine my surprise when I found them - in a place I swear I looked in the way a woman looks and not in the way a man looks for things - and they were not there.    My other complete waste of time was that earlier in the day I had to drive right past Strawberry Sampler so I thought.....I need to stop and pick up more WDW and Crescent threads for my Chester County Sampler.   One small problem, I brought the stitching bag for the Santa with me and not the Sampler.   Crap!    But wait, any visit to a stitching shop could never be a waste of time.   It is time spent soothing the soul for sure.   Heck I almost was convinced someone was trying to tell me to start a new project!

But enough......I have since found the missing floss, I have returned to shop at Strawberry Sampler with my proper list of flosses needed and I have started on the path to replace those nasty cardboard cards with floss bags!

After all my ups and downs, I did make progress on my Santa.    I have all the embellishments and beads on the coat complete and I am liking him a lot more.  I am working on the beard now even though I should be stitching the 'moon' first.   Since I took Monday as a vacation day and Tuesday I am off for Veterans Day, I think I can squeeze in some extra stitching time.   Because, like it or not, I do want to start something new....finish a UFO/start a new project.

Look at these cuties!  I love ribbon candy.   Not to eat but the look of it.   They bring back memories of my mother's apothocary jars  filled with ribbon candy at the holidays.  I have always wanted to stitch some Christmas ornaments but I have never seem to be able to decide on the 'theme'.
Of course this pattern just had to jump in my basket when I was at SS.   These will be EZ-PZ......maybe not my next start, but on the list for soon.

Happy Stitching all!


Robin said...

Glad you found your missing! Do you have any of those hole reinforcers used for loose-leaf paper? They might help while you are converting to floss bags.

Robin in Virginia

butterfly said...

Love your santa, you made me laugh I had the same thing yesterday, can not find my spakle threads I know I have them some where , I am going to look again today , before I reorder them .

Susan said...

Glad it all worked out with the floss and getting your new supplies! Your Santa is looking good!

EvalinaMaria said...

I use these paper bobbins too but I never put them on the ring - I keep them in boxes.
Santa looks great and the new start is very tempting...

Andrea said...

Glad you have found all your missing items. Love your Santa piece.