Sunday, November 2, 2014

Just sometimes

There are those times when I actually don't dedicate a time to stitch each day and so I don't make so much progress by the end of the week.   I rue the day I thought I couldn't wait to stitch the Chester County Historical Society Sampler.  I savored the wait with joyful anticipation to start this on retreat.

I never even noticed the ka-billion eyelets.  It is surely slow going and it is eating up the floss.  I guess I'd better get online and order some more floss.  I don't want any excuse to put this one down for fear it will land in the UFO pile.

I am not faring any better with my Pat Thode Santa that I thought I would love love love.....I am growing weary of.  I started this on my Fall 2013 Retreat and managed not much more that his boots before I strayed to start something else.   I am not finding the surface stitches that enriching to the design or to my aesthetics.....or maybe it is the flipping of the multitude of pattern pages for the stitch placement......but then again maybe I should reserve judge until the beads are attached.
 Oops!  Don't know why Santa decided to fly south in this pic! Perhaps a Freudian slip.

Sorry, he is a bit rumbled from the hoop.  The open space is where I will stitch in his beard with some white whisper.  I do need to back stitch his arms and mittens too.    I copied the cuffs of a previous Heartstrings Santa and decided to do them with french knows in black alpaca.  You would think it should have used white but the pattern actually called for DMC-310 on the cuffs and hat so I followed with the black alpaca instead.

One more section to add the surface stitches, then beads and beard and I can move this WIP to the done column.   Assembling him is a whole other story.

Perhaps my weariness is because so many other patterns are calling to me from my stash whispering 'stitch me, stitch me"!   Got ideas swirling through my head about stitching up some quick Christmas things for some favorite people.  Here a stitch, there a stitch, I guess I will trudge on with my current WIP's with maybe a small detour for those Christmas smalls I want to make.   But that will need to wait because I do desperately need to sort out my craft room which is where I am head this afternoon.   I had been just dumping things in there for the last month.   I need a grand sort out.....which will lead to a lost day....but what a place to be lost....

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy stitching week!


Blu said...

Your WIPs are both gorgeous!

Kimmie said...

I love the colors on both wips! Santa's coat is crazy fun!!

diamondc said...

I have been where you are many times, however you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, wow so many french knots.
This is beautiful.
The Chester County Sampler is beautiful, I am looking forward to seeing the finish.


Sally said...

Both of these are looking amazing!

Lynn said...

I love the french knots!