Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Early Wrap-up

for 2014.......looking back over the past year like everyone is doing this week, I am pretty much pleased with all things.  Made strides with stitching, sewing, reading (one day I will have to share my episode of my first audio book on my 3 1/2 hour to visit my son - geez!)  closet cleaning, decluttering, home improvements, rekindled a friendship and managed some self improvement!

I have two final finishes for 2014 to share.   How about these for some no calorie cookies?    They are a kit of precut felt pieces from Lumenaris.  My guild did a needle book project from Lumenaris earlier this year so when I saw their booth at a quilt show, I just had to patronize them!

Also, this WIP from 2013.   I thought this would make a nice framed piece to display on a easel at Thanksgiving. When I realized I would not finish it for Thanksgiving last year, I stowed it away in the abyss of unfinished objects.  Not much to do and I guarantee it will be completed BEFORE the stroke of midnight tonight.

I am not making any crazy goals for 2015.  I think sometimes we can set ourselves up for failure by setting unrealistic goals.   For reading, I hope to read one book a month.  For stitching I have three new starts on my list just waiting for needle and thread to pierce the fabric.  I plan a reward of a new start for each WIP's  I finish.  On New Year's Day I will be starting the Lizzie Kate mystery sampler.  I also hope to stitch Rosewood Manor's Barnwood Buttons in 2015.   And I've leave myself open to for a stitch-a-long sampler with my guild.  See my other blog for a preview.  I am not that naive to realize that 'these plans' of mine will change the minute I dig into my stash and find a treasure I have forgotten!  or fall completely for a project I see a friend working on.

Random Thoughts - about half complete not counting the pulled thread border.
I hope to concentrate on my Drawn Thread - Random Thoughts, my Chester County Sampler and my Jeanette Douglas Stitching Treasures as far as my WIP's.  

Realistically I know there will be other bright and sparkling goodies I will see that I will have to do.  There will be stitch-a-longs I will have to participate in.  There will be the occasional smaller piece that will be super rewarding to see started and finished in a week.  And then there is the temptation of a class here or there or the dreaded shopping at a retreat!

Lots left to do with Jeannette Douglas, My Stitching Treasures.

Jeannette uses the most sumptuous fibers, both the feel and the color.

My nemesis.....a Ka-Billion and one eyelets.

I do hope to pare down and better organize my stash.  To stop curtail the impulse buying by taking a moment to step back and ask myself if I buy it will I stitch before my taste changes and I am no longer over the moon about it?  But no rebuking myself if I stray.

Wishing everyone a bright and shiny New Year filled with much health and happiness.   Thank you all for your visits and comments if you leave them.   I do read and am touched by each one but not the best at always replying.  (maybe a resolution is in there somewhere)  Now back to my blanket, tissues, Fishermen's Friend cough drops and the recliner for me as I end the year with the remnants of an annoying head cold!


Andrea said...

Lots of lovely WIPs to continue with next year. Wishing you a Happy .. and Healthy New Year! Hope that cold goes soon and you feel better.

Shebafudge said...

Lovely stitching and nice simple plans for 2015. I love the realism of yours!

Happy New Year!!

Sarah L said...

Your stitching is lovely. I will be following along in 2015 to see your new finishes. Happy New Year and I hope you feel better soon.

Robin said...

Like your header picture, Robin! Thanks for the link to the Lumenaris web site. Nice looking WIPs that are moving in during 2015. Good luck!

Wishing you a bright New Year filled with smiles, joy, and many stitches.

Robin in Virginia

moosecraft said...

Great idea to keep it real! We all know we try to behave... but the new releases just keep getting better and better! :-) Love those calorie free cookies! I just might need to make some of those... lol! Happy New Year!

Melody said...

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015!