Saturday, December 20, 2014


I have been struggling with how to complete my gratitude jars for the last two weeks.   This is my normal MO.  I get these 'ideas' in my head and have a vision.....but that does not always manage to work its way out of my brain, down my arms, out my fingertips onto my work bench.

The other night I took a half hour to dig through my Stampin' Up stamps and paper to try to gain a foothold.    Viola!  I came across some extras from when I made bags of wildflower seeds as part of the favors for my D-in-L's bridal shower and like a bolt of lighting I had the inspiration I needed.    So glad....I was really getting bummed that this idea of mine might not happen.  But it was not without a detour.  Seems I kind of got into a grand sort out of my 'stuff' for the hour that followed.  (I mean I think it was time to throw out the faded and dog-earred construction paper from when the kid were in school!)

So with the idea and execution firmly my mind, I set aside Friday night to do nothing but craft away in my sewing room.

I am happy with the final result.  I stuffed each one with a supply of papers to write on, added a couple of tags with inspiration  and instructions.  If all goes well I will be able to take them into work on Monday morning for the girls.

Finally managed to finish the holiday decorating.  I just seemed to drag it out this year instead of going full throttle attack and being done in a weekend.  House has been cleaned top to bottom.  Just some grocery shopping, spare bedrooms to be made up, a bit of wrapping to finish up and then I will be done!  And boy does my craft room bear the damage. Snips of paper and ribbon and wrapping supplies and tissue and empty coffee cups and boxes everywhere.  Better get hopping on stowing everything and making the room ready for my Boston girl who is coming home Monday.

I think I will spend the first weekend of the new year with an all out attack on the 'stuff' to sort and cull and arrange in a more sensible way.  Well it will be sensible when I do it but not when I go to look for something in six months!  LOL.......I am glad I can laugh at myself!


Susan said...

The jars look great! Enjoy the holiday with your family!

Melody said...

Your gratitude jars are a lovely idea. Merry Christmas!!

diamondc said...

Love love the jars you are so creative, the hang tags are so sweet.
I am a bit slow this year just finished shopping today will finish baking tomorrow, I only need to bake scones, bring them and pepsi for Christmas party's with Family.
I get by cheap this year.

Merry Christmas