Monday, January 12, 2015


I don't have a lot of progress to share, so I will share the talents of daughter #2.  Look at this little knitted leaf.
This is the corner on the shawl my daughter stitched.   Amazing.    
I am in such awe of her talent (as well as that of other knitters!)

This is a blanket my daughter from Boston has made.    I am lucky to be able to do the garter stitch and basket weave.

 (don't know why the camera changed the color.   The overall view above is more accurate.)

 Rats!  I didn't get a pix of the sweater knitted into a square but you can see part of it
on the lower left.    She was fast busy crocheting several rows of shells around
the outside.  Edging completed and wrapped up for gifting to a friend who moved to the west coast.  


Susan said...

Her work is amazing! I am in awe as I can't knit well as all despite multiple attempts. Oh well, at least my lack of skill keeps me from acquiring more stash.

Lillie said...

Beautiful knitting Robin. Your DD is very good.

Lynn said...


butterfly said...

Beautiful knitting.

Robin said...

Wow! Love the details in the blocks of the blanket you shared!

Robin in Virginia

Kimmie said...

Those are sooooo cool!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those works of art are beyond talent. Fabulous work. I'm going to stick to my little x's.

moosecraft said...

Wow! That really is a talent! I can't even imagine how much time is put into that!

Catherine said...

Beautiful work, such talent!