Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another Snowfall!

Imagine that!  A two hour delay for work on the first day of spring because of snow.    I looked outside and thought I am going in normal time - I threw caution to the wind and defied Mother Nature!   Truthfully it wasn't even snowing but you know those decisions to delay start time are made the night before......boy was it a long day....everyone just kind of strolling in over the length of the morning.  And of course the obvious culprits taking advantage of the delayed start time.

Boy am I ever ready for warming temperatures and to start poking around the yard! (one more snowfall is in the forecast!)

.....enough of that work business/work type nasty necessity!  I am still working to balance my stitching/treadmill/yoga/reading routines.   I want to do all of them every day!  I am tearing up the reading since I read on the treadmill.

I actually was feeling like I had not made much progress on my two main stitching pieces.   We have missed so many Thursday night stitching groups because of the weather. Subconsciously I think these weekly get togethers spur me on in my stitching so I can show progress each week.  On closer inspection, I am getting there slow and steady.
Bits of progress on my Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler.....this is what I see from it's mounted place on my Lowery stand.

Once I take it off the frame and out of the hoop, I can actually see I have more completed then I thought.

This is my guild stitch-a-long.   After each monthly meeting I am ready to stitch stitch stitch on it.  I am not a particular fan of the current band I am working on so of course I am easily distracted and am off to another piece.   We meet the second Saturday of each month so I will pick this up again on the 1st of April to finish row four in plenty of time.   So far I am staying on target with the monthly assignments.  No accolades please!  It is only month two.  Shame on me if I were already behind.

Like I said, slow and steady on the stitching, slow and steady on the treadmill, and even slower and not so steadily on the weight loss!  (Crap! on the weight loss but I won't give least I am getting more fit and flexible......weight loss WILL come.)  I am seriously behind on my correspondence.   I need to write a get well card for a friend that broke her arm; condolences for the loss of a friend's friend; get well for a friend with the nasty big C; a card of inspiration and hope for a friend that lost a child 6 weeks ago; and just some Hey, Hello! How are you cards.   But first, off to brunch with a friend then some antiquing.   What a better way to spend a sunny but too chilly of a day to be outside.  It makes me think that my Retreat in OCMD is only 5 weeks aways!   Can't wait for the sun, sand, broadwalk and 5 days with fabulous friends.  Oh and stitching and shopping too!

Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching all........


Cathy said...

Your goals are the same as mine! I'm also trying to balance most of the things you mentioned, and need to get more treadmill time in. Your stitching is beautiful.

butterfly said...

Love your two WIPs , Sorry about the snow hope you get Spring soon.

diamondc said...

Lovely projects, love the colors in your Guild piece.


Stitching Noni said...

2 great pieces there... I love the LK mystery design. Great progress on both of them
Hugs xx

Lillie said...

Both SAL look wonderful, particularly love the colours on LK.

Faith... said...

Love your LK - it looks great. We had snow today; about 3 inches. I am ready for some warmer days too.

Marexstitch said...

Hey Robin, I love your new LK piece, great colors. And our blue green wip really pops. Your buddy snow pics were totally funny! Your new stitched bag turned out great and Love the PS Santa. Enjoyed your cruise photos and your winter shots. And I too can't believe there will be snow this weekend.


Weronika said...

Wow Robin You've done a great job! Your mystery sampler is wonderful and so sweet.