Sunday, March 8, 2015

Instant Gratification!

That's how I am justifying this start.
While putzing around my craft room putting away some patterns I strayed into the pile of kitted up items.

And to further justify, I was in need of a new take-a-long project.

Here's what I pulled out.    The needlebook and fob will be great lunchtime work.

This is the Breast Cancer Awareness project from Belinda Karls-Nace of Blue Ribbon Designs and Lois Mouriski Bear of Elegant Stitch. 

What a lovely and beuatifully kittted project. 

I quickly did the blanket stith around the pre-cut felt for the ruler.   Then on to the tray.   EZ-PZ - just tacked the corners in place with the crystals provided.

Blame it on me!  Could I have jinxed us with all the snowmen I had decorating my house?   Geez!  Didn't realize there were so many until I gathered them up to pack up and store until next year.   Away with the snowmen and winter greens - bring on the spring flowers.   

By now you all know I am just an outside girl at heart.   Here are what I hope are final shots of the winter of 2015.   Forecast today in the upper 40's!  Lots of melting going on.  

 Looking forward to crocus and daffodils showing their pretty blooms!


Robin said...

What fabulous looking snow pictures, Robin! I do hope it is a slow melt so you don't have flooding/excess water issues.

Good for you on pulling out a new take along project and for such a great cause!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Justine said...

That's a beautiful project, or should I say set of projects!

diamondc said...

Robin: Lovely project you picked.
I am so glad the snow is almost gone here in Minnesota.
love the snowman collection.

Happy Stitching

Lillie said...

What a great Snowman collection.
Thanks for sharing the wonderful Winter pictures.