Monday, August 10, 2015

OK, so let me catch up

Whew!   Mr. W. made it home yesterday about 5 p.m. after 8 weeks on the road and I slept on the couch last night!   I didn't start out there but I need to get used to his talking in his sleep and his tossing and turning again and not to mention it is like being in bed with a hot potato!   All summer, I got up and made a bed which actually look like no one slept in it.   This morning before making the bed it looked like a hand grenade went off in it.   Sheet and blanket pulled out and scrunched up the bottom and the bedspread in a big ball.   I think I got the better night's sleep on the couch.....slept all the way until the alarm went off.  Anyway, so it goes.

Here's my latest finish to share.  
The small wooden spool was to be used in the center but I am happy with using the buttons I pulled from my stash.

This is my first attempt at a mattress style finish and I like it.   It has some weight to it as it is filled with crushed walnut heels.

With the pin cushion is done, I am back on my guild SAL.   I have two sections to complete before our September meeting to be back on track.   I can do it!  I need to step it up and get ahead of schedule as I am waiting for pre-stitching for an October class to arrive.   Surely when it does, the SAL will take a bake seat.   All and all I am happy with myself that I am keeping up much better than in the past with SAL's.

And naturally I started another small project  - all from stash of course.   A girl needs a take along project doesn't she?  Both my SAL and my Rosewood Manor pieces are on scroll frames and stands so they are not the easiest to take along to stitching night.    

Threadworm Primitives, Beggar's 4th.  That really is the recommended blue stitched on the linen.

I managed to get everything back on the walls in my dining room before Mr. W. got home.   Geez, he commented on the shutters in the upstairs windows that they were painted a different color.....duh! no, we had no shutters on the upstairs windows when you left.  I had them installed while you were away. Oh, he says, but they don't match the other shutters.   Oh Mr. W.  how did you manage logistics for 200+ people,  driving 9,000 miles in 8 weeks?   All the shutters new and old were painted to match as well as the front door.   I decorate for myself as he is not one that notices things.

Got my new shelf up.   I think I am liking the display of family photos on the desktop rather than on the wall.   Besides I just can't bring myself to put half a hundred holes in my freshly patched and painted walls.

 An excuse to shop consignments stores.....look for more ironstone platters.  Well that sums is up for me.....many your stitches be many and your counting be true!


Robin said...

Congratulations on your square-ology finish! Your new start looks nice. Glad you were able to get your things back up on the walls before Mr. W returned. That is too funny about the shutters comment! My husband is like that as well!

Robin in Virginia

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

I love your little cushion finish! And all your WIPS!
Don't get me started with Mr's and decorating....or unloading dishwashers...HA!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitching as always. I really like the colors on the Guild SAL. You must be half way on that one. Dining room looks great. Love the shelf and the pictures on the desk. I have a table in the family room with old pictures on it, they are just the best. So what's the next big project? Enjoy the weekend.

Lillie said...

Well done on finishing the pincushion and your WIP look good.
Your displays look wonderful on the shelf.