Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bermuda, Part 2

Fun stuff in the stateroom from the cabin steward.

Pool Deck

 Again that beautiful water

Land Ho!  

Our escort in.   
Bermuda is surrounded by coral reefs left from volcanic activity thousands 
of years ago.   This has left the water around the series of islands very difficult to 
navigate.  A pilot boat has to lead boats through the narrow canals.  The coral reefs have 
claimed 300 plus shipwrecks over the years.

Gibbs Lighthouse (I think)

The different colors of the water depend on the different depths.   The lighter the color, the more shallow the water.  Above - those are not shadows from clouds on the water, it is the changing of the depths of the water.   See why we needed an escort to zig zag us in to the pier!

Frog and Onion Pub, Kings Wharf, Bermuda

 HMS Fort, Kings Wharf

I don't know what kind of palms these are but they surely could 
be named pineapple palms by looking at the trunks.

 This anchor was massive.   Like 15 to 20 feet tall.  I don't know how sailors hoisted it 
without modern day electronic winches.

It's unreal.   All the water is like an aquarium!

My floating hotel.

Building within the fort being renovated.   The scaffolding is up to help with the 
rebuilding after damage was done by 2 hurricanes in 2014.  

Look, the rock climbing wall.   I was tempted but 
the line was long.   That's my story anyway.

Scenes from our glass bottom boat tour.
Hmmm, think I would like to move in.

Look!  Most comes with their own private beach

Cutest little series of cabins on stilts.  Bare bones retreat with no amenities.   Didn't go over 
well and they have been abandoned.  It's a shame.  The setting is beautiful.   They need 
to create a central building with food, shows and things for guests to use before they 
retreat back to their secluded huts.

Frenzy of fish attacking the bread we tossed them.

Sunset from a ship wreck.


Returning back to my floating hotel.

Heading back onboard to grab a drink and catch a comedy show.

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Robin said...

Just wow! What a fabulous and beautiful adventure you had!

Robin in Virginia