Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pre-Stitching Complete

Between sun bathing and island hopping I did manage to complete the second of my two pre-stitches for the class in October.    I kind of made up my own series of stitches in the bottom section of the apple.

 Kind of happens when you stitch AFTER a drink with vodka in it.  Oh well, I will be 
                                                 able to pick mine out of the group at class.

Also finished the pin keep and the started the scissors sheath for my EGA stitch along, Pining to Stitch.  We are to be working on the biscournu for October and November and I am but I hit a road block because I didn't pack the krenik braid on my cruise.  I forgot to take a pix but will for next time when I hope to show it's completion!  I could have continued and come back to the kreinik stitches but I took the road block and started on the other smalls.  Lucky for me I was over confident that  I would  finish the biscournu and I had what I needed to stitch the pin keep and sheath. 

 I am liking the (almost) instant gratification from stitching these smalls.  This is a super quick stitch-a-long.  This particular pattern is so delicate and airy.  Sorry for the shadows, I photographed on the deck where I was stitching in the bright sunlight.

This is the bottom front of the scissors sheath.   Don't judge me on those buttonhole bars.   It's my first attempt and I can tell you frogging them is difficult.   

I am hoping they will lay nicer when I do the finishing and I may even master them by the time I complete the project!  

We are due to complete all the stitching and then work together in the spring to do the finishing. I picked up some nice fat quarters at the quilt show last week (pix on that in a future post!!) for the backs and sewing pouch.  I've got an idea percolating in my brain for an additional piece I can make to add to the smalls....hmmm... there I go again, off on a tangent.  Since - so far - this is a quick stitch, I think I call add the extra piece with no problem.  Even though I love the project......argh! Stitch-a-longs take so much of my stitching time and keep me from my stash busting!  I can vow not to "join" another but it would be useless.  Just as it is useless to vow not to purchase anything more or to finish my WIP's.   There is always something to tempt or a stitching mate will surely draw me in to the twisted spiral of stash enhancement!

Well folks time for me to get my backside out of the recliner and get outside.   On today's agenda will be putting away the summer flowers and decorations and pulling out the fall stuff.  Yes, I'm a couple of weeks late.   I hope to purge these decorations as I go through them.   Maybe I can pack up a goodie bag of fall decorations for my daughter-in-law.....hmmm....motivation.  

Have a great day all.  Enjoy the fall crispness in the air or just around the corner.  A crackling fire in the fire pit tonight with a glass of wine could be the perfect way to unwind tonight.  

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Lillie said...

Lovely stitching and what fun you must have. Looking forward to your finishes.