Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Can I get an Amen!

I am so ready.....I have busted my little (sic) backside today.   I should have a ka-zillion steps on my Fitbit.  

Welcome home!
Corn Casserole - done, Cranberry Relish - done, Big Pot of Chili for dinner tonight - done, Breakfast Casserole for tomorrow morning - done, Watergate Salad - done, Green Bean Casserole - done, relish dishes....not done but thought about!, Turkey is brining, bathrooms are cleaned, floors are washed, and dishes washed, washed and washed and FINALLY done.  All I have left to do is bring the sheets in off the clothesline, run them through the dryer for a few minutes to get the chill off and make up the beds.    Family should be here between 7 and 9 tonight.   I think I see a window of opportunity opening to stitch.  um, last time I said that, I promptly fell asleep in the recliner.   Tomorrow I will set the table, pop that turkey in oven and make the potatoes and gravy.......a feast to be sure. It will be well worth all the pre-work I did today.   How did I ever manage when I worked the day before Thanksgiving?

Wishing you all a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.

Buddy is exhausted just watching me.    He has resumed his perch on the mantle
for his sleeping place.   Remember, no one ever owns a cat; they own you.


Robin in Virginia said...

Hope you are able to get in a few stitches! Congratulations on marking things off your list! Your front door looks very welcoming! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
It really is worth all the prep and work.
Love the new color of the front door, great wreath, very welcoming.
Buddy sure knows how to celebrate, you go Kitty.
Have a great long weekend.

diamondc said...

O.K. Robin, just reading your blog today, my Fitbit got all the steps in today to reach 17,000 steps, giggles.
I think Buddy has had a big day already. what a sweetheart.
Happy Thanksgiving I hope you and your family have a wonderful time.


Lillie said...

Happy Thanksgiving !

Edgy38 said...

I am exhausted just reading your blog. And God Bless Buddy!!