Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tis the Season - UPDATED

Tis the season for........ 
 (potential) stress.......but I choose not to get wrapped up in that whole mess.  Of course that is sometimes easier said than done.

It has been hard for me to get into the spirit of the season this year for me......could be the 70 degree weather when putting up the Christmas lights outside.   What do people in Florida do to get in the spirit?   Anyway, yes, the weather has been fabulously above normal and I fear we will be all the more shocked when it returns to normal. But for now, it is fantastic to be out and about in just a sweater or vest.

Just about ready I am for the family and fun.   (Hopefully) I have made the last trip to the grocery store.   I have all I need to make my Scandanavian fish chowder for Christmas eve, Christmas morning breakfast and the prime rib for Christmas day.  I do have some gift cards to pickup and lottery tickets to buy for stuffing in the stockings which I plan to head out later this morning to do.  

I do have to wrap some presents still.   And I am trying to keep my foot on top of Buyers Remorse which always wants to rear its ugly head.    I am doing something different this year with the wrapping to make it easier.    I found a big box for each person and placed inside all their presents wrapped in tissue.   That leaves me with only one box per person to gift wrap.   I think it's genious!  
1 - Ta-da!
Less trash, easier for those who have to pack everything into their car for the drive home.   No more Christmas morning floor covered with trash and paper and having to hop, skip and jump through the melee.  The girls at work think I am being mean making my children think they are only getting one present.  My CHILDREN are 40, 37 and 35....really....I think they should be over it.   I never thought it might be disappointing to see only one package.....I just thought it as an easy, less stressful way to do it.  (because it is all about me!)  Certainly is easier than wrapping 10 or 12 packages for each of them.    They may see the tree and think I finally made good on that promise to cut back on Christmas.  Since they don't read my blog regularly I guess it will be a surprise/shock to them.   I am sure I will cave and will fess up what I have done earlier rather then later on Christmas eve.

I also did less decorating inside this year.   No more decorating every room and putting up multiple full sized trees.....including a tree in the bathroom.   Not really more evidence that I had trouble getting into the spirit.  I started the downsize last year. I think with only using one third of what I usually do, I probably am still in line with what most people do.   I really need to downsize all the tubs and crates of Christmas decorations.....one of those jobs to add to the list for a rainy spring day when I have nothing else to do......does that day really exist?

Not much stitching has been done between holiday prep and physical therapy visits (which are doing wonders!!).   Such a busy time of the year with dinner with friends, house parties, house tours, shopping, caroling and visiting friends.  Everything always manages to get done which is why I refuse to get stressed and loose sleep because I am rolling around a million and one thoughts in my head about how, when, yes, no, what, where......breath.....it always comes together.  Not even making any New Year's Resolutions this year other than to make sure I take time to stop and enjoy the view along the way.

So from my home to yours........wishing you the merriest of Christmases 
and the safest and happiest of New Years.


Stasi said...

Robin, I think you are smart to cut back, as you have, on all the "outward" trimmings of Christmas and concentrate on having the time to actually enjoy the season with family and friends.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Robin in Virginia said...

I don't think you are mean at all! Packaging up their gifts that way sounds like a great idea. I agree with you about getting in the holiday spirit this year. It was hard here; in fact, the tree almost didn't go up. Enjoy these last remaining days before Christmas arrives. Merry Christmas!

butterfly said...

Love the wrapping idea thank you.
Merry Christmas.

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

I do that same thing of packing gifts all in one box per person every year, my kids and friends love it. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. HUGS

Chris said...

I understand exactly how you feel Robin. The weather is crazy.
I love the way that you are organizing your gifts, so much easier.
It sounds like you are already to sit back and enjoy a wonderful meal and family and friends!
Merry Christmas!!

moosecraft said...

You know... the idea of all those little gifts tissue wrapped in one BIG box is genius! I'm right behind you with the simplifying the decorations... Christmas is about Peace and enjoying friends and family! :-) Sure would be nice to have a dusting of snow tho... ;-) A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Lynn said...

Merry Christmas Robin!