Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Challenge

My guild ( announced our 2016 Guild Challenge and it fits right in with my stash reduction endeavor.   We are to select one to five new or WIP's that we would like to finish in 2016.   Well, I went right to the WIP side of this challenge.   I selected some favorites (and not so favorites) that have been stuck in the basket (actually it is a sewing/craft caboodle - remember those from about 25 years ago - I digress).  And wasn't the guild's challenge option to switch out or add a piece in June very generous!

Suffice it to say, I strayed from my best intentions on each of these.   I plan to work on completing them.    First up, a favorite designer of mine, Jeannette Douglas' My Stitching Treasures.  I love her color and fiber choices.  And I already have the burl wood box to mount this in when I finish stitching.

Next, Drawn Thread's Random Thoughts.   Not sure why I put this one down.   I am sure I was tempted by something new or jumped on a stitch-a-long or class piece.

I think between this one and the Stitching Treasures I can work on a motif at a time and change up between the two. I used to like to stitch on several projects in a rotation.   I find I get more stitching done if I concentrate on fewer pieces at a time.   It saves time spent on getting up to speed on a different project every day.   But I do think on these two at least completing a motif at a time that I can switch between the two easily.

Number three in my rotation is the Elizabeth Pusey Sampler from Chester County.   I really liked this and really wanted to stitch stitch stitch these until I got going and it is full of Algerian Eyes.   Not a difficult stitch but it does make for slow progress.

Last, a favorite of mine and one that is not that old.   Cornwall Cottage from Rosewood Manor.   I started this last May and I got pulled off by class pre-stitching or SAL's.   I can get a page done in about 10 ten days.   Granted, I don't eat, clean the house or!

I think the first three are doable in 2016.   As for Cornwall Cottage, I have two of twelve pages completed and will count this as a win if I can complete at least four more pages in 2016.  Got to remember it is about enjoying the journey so for at least piece I will stitch without stressing over the completion.


Stasi said...

All good choices--looking forward to following your progress!

Ma, Herself said...

All beautiful choices, Robin...I can't wait to watch your progress. I love "Cornwall Cottage" and have thought of buying it many times, I may just go for it after seeing your start!, and as far as I'm concerned, eating, cleaning, and showering are all overrated :)

Weronika said...

Good luck with your projects for 2016. Thay are all lovely. Happy New Year Robin.

cucki said...

All your wip are so pretty..I love random thoughts so much..
Happy stitching xx

Jules said...

Great selection of WIPs! I'm sure you will exceed your expectations! I really like the last one.

Blu said...

So many gorgeous projects Robin!

Anonymous said...

What lovely WIPs you have selected for your guild's challenge this year! I look forward to seeing your progress posts for them along.

Clare said...

What a wonderful choice for a challenge. Look forward to see your progress. I may join you as I`m still working on `My Stitching Treasures`and have `Random Thoughts` pattern & threads yet to start.
Happy Stitching.

Anonymous said...

You are off to such a fabulous start for the new year!
Organized, all those finishes, great selection of WIP's. The guild sampler is beautiful, can't wait to see how you frame it. How many times can I watch that cat jump up and the screen fall? lol
It's going to be a great year!

butterfly said...

Lovely projects to stitch on , it's so good to pick up our WIPs in the new year.

moosecraft said...

All of these are beautiful (and ambitious) stitching projects! My favorite has to be the Cornwall Cottage... would probably take me 5 years to finish at the rate I stitch... lol!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

My goodness you have a plethora of gorgeous, gorgeous wonderful things to finish! Think at the beauty by the end of 2016!
Merry week ahead and STITCH on!

diamondc said...

Robin: Beautiful stitching projects, I need a challenge like your so I would get out all my past starts.


Shebafudge said...

Haha...I had to chuckle! Get stitching woman, cleaning the hous is SO over-rated, it only gets dirty and messy again!