Sunday, January 3, 2016

It All Started with a Tastykake

A Tastykake here a Tastykake

there and before you know it......extra pounds....which lead me to ask for a trainer for my bike so I could convert it into a stationary bike for wintertime exercise .........which lead to the rearranging of my craft room ........which lead to a complete and grand sort out of all things crafty.  That's how I spent my New Year's Eve!

Welcome 2016!!   

I am well aware that I do become perceptional impaired if all things are not neat  organized  where they are suppose to be so it was a great task to  undertake.    My craft room becomes wrapping central and the house-guest retreat during the holidays.  Surprisingly I did not come across any empty glasses or coffee cups under the bed or on the side table.

A couple of years back I was fortunate enough to have returned to me what was my Mother's chest of drawers.   Over the years it has circulated through different households.   My dad had painted it a satiny white and adding pink and blue knobs.   Every baby in the family has this dresser for a time.  About 5 years ago I stripped it and refinished to its original soft honey color and gave it to my daughter to use.  Then about two years ago it came back to me and I decided it was perfect to store all my fabrics in it.  Of course separated by color.   That opened up the cabinet where the fabric was to stored to move all my cross stitch into it because it was bigger than where I had cross stitch stored.     But something was never quite right and I could never get used to the move.   There is something to be said for Mr. W.'s delay in taking the once eliminated cross stitch chest to Goodwill for I put it back into service.   I feel all things are now right again in the world of my cross stitch supplies and patterns.
This need to make everything neat was also aided by the desire to sit at the sewing machine and stitch up a finish or two.  This is where the perceptional impairment encroached on my intentions.   No way, no how could I take on a new crafty endeavor with everything topsy-turvy.  It's a good feeling to have a place for everything and everything in its place.  Like things together just make sense and always makes it easier.

It was great to leaf through all the patterns and remember where and when I bought some of them and for others scratch my head and think...what was I thinking; felt so good to put all the random skeins of floss in one spot; was super to put all the spools of thread in a basket where they sit until I can put them away properly; fabulous to put all the buttons that I had managed to escape back into the confinement of their mason  jars.   I even managed to sort through my patterns and be honest with myself and eliminate some.

Here are my finishes that I managed before the weekend was through.    This is the pin keep I stitched up at my son's over Christmas.    It is all sewn and stuffed and ready for a few quick stitches to sew the side seam shut.

The second is my crewel piece.  I thought I would finish it as a pin pillow but decided to make it a little piece for hang on the top of a ladder back chair.   Just a few hand stitches needed here for a another finished finish!  

Next a completed piece from several years ago.  All ready to just stitch the seam where I turned it.    I like the rusty bells and have to think how and where to include them.

And last, a Prairie Schooler Ornament.   Are you just so sad they have retired?    I really like their designs.   This is proving to a a great taken along piece to finish up at lunchtime at work.

And I am off to an organized and productive new year!

Hmmm, I wonder if Mr. W will be as productive and how long the newly emptied cabinet will sit in the upstairs hallway waiting for Mr. W. to lug it out of here, hmmmm, he'd better do it before I change my mind again and need to use it!  We don't want that to's all about reducing in 2016.


Stasi said...

Great job on the finishes. Agree about the craft room--still working my way through mine--so easy to get distracted in there.

Teresa S. said...

Robin-I don't recognize the name "Tastykake" Don't know if they don't have them here in the Seattle area or what? And I couldn't imagine what Tastykake had to do with stitching??

I lol'd when I saw where you were heading with the title! Don't you love how the mind will find ways to utilize something if it sits long enough? I can't count how many finishes I came up with that way!

Happy New Year!

Justine said...

I'm with you on the tidying and simplifying! Your craft room looks very organised now. Mine is being tackled tomorrow when I'm not working!

Anna van Schurman said...

I did a new year clear up too. Had to prep for my niece's craft day. Doing my best to stay tidy... lovely finishes you have.

Chris said...

It looks amazing! Those damn Tastykakes!!!
Lovely finishes too :)

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh my goodness! What a lovely dresser you have pulled into use! I am sure you could probably find a use for the cabinet? So, did you get your bike set up?

moosecraft said...

Congrats on the finishes! Organizing and sorting sounds like the perfect way to start the New Year! Happy 2016!