Sunday, March 6, 2016

Time to narrow my focus....

What a beautiful morning we had one day last this week it's 70's in the forecast.

 Just the right kind of sticking on the roads.   I am just such a sucker for snow!
I have been up to a lot.   That crafter/project ADD I have is in high gear at the Thompson House.    I have started decorations for the baby shower I am hosting for my D-in-L.  Using pendants I made for my daughter's birthday last year, I hung baby clothes using little blue clothes pins and will hang above the food table.   Double duty here.....I have a decoration and I don't have to wrap these.  It will hang in my sewing room until I need it. I'd better hand a bib over that lonely red pennant and add some other goodies too.  Stay tuned for this and the 'centerpiece' I have in mind to create.

I tell you one thing, I am out of the swing of this whole throwing a shower business.   I thought those days were behind me.  I thought it was my turn to show up,  shut up and eat cake.  The last shower I threw was 18 years ago and seemed so much easier then now.   Nowadays there are so many ideas on Pinterest but that also brings pressure!  But it goes....

I have completed the first month on the BOM I joined.   This block is 30 inches square.  

Why is it when you cut carefully and sew everything at 1/4-inch seams that some seams meet and some do not?

Even though it is a BOM, this is not a quilt of 30 inch blocks.   The next step consists of sashing and borders added to this central block.

Here's the fabric pack for BOM 2.   Hopefully, I will stay on track sewing two nights a week.  Maybe even BOM 2 will be finished before BOM 3 arrives.  It's all about a positive point of view!

Cross stitching has kind of taken a back seat.   Lunch meetings,  working lunches, extra hours at work, or dinners with friends have nipped into my sewing time.    Pardon the hoop marks.

But I am getting there one motif at a time.  Time to fine tune my focus.

And then there was the frogging of the  bottom border.    It seems I made up my own stitching pattern when turning the corner and subsequently had to frog it all when I realized I ran amok.  In the end I will be happy I frogged and restitched.   Just not a really fan of backwards progress.

I did do a bit of work on my Chester Co. Sampler when I became disillusioned with the over one in the above piece but I am back to concentrating on it with renewed dedication to finish!        
My Guild arranged for a private tour of the Westown School and the Chester Co. Historical Society this Friday.   I am lucky enough to be going.  Westown School, a quaker school from the 18th century in West Chester, PA.    They have a fabulous selection of quaker samplers on display and perhaps a new pattern will find its way home with me.  It is a much anticipated day off for me at the end of a week in which I have wrapped up the annual heart ball and released our annual report to the printers (deadline this Friday and I am hitting send on Wednesday! - Kudos to my tenacity of herding cats to get this done!)   Not to mention the enjoyment of spending the day with friends for the tours and lunch!  We are dining at the Lincoln Tea Room.   A great place to visit if ever touring West Chester.

So like I don't have enough balls in the air with my juggling act of projects, I decided to remove wallpaper in my upstairs hall.   Simple right?  Well not exactly.   I guess I was better at putting up the wallpaper than I gave myself credit for.   Thought I could do this in two weekends - one to remove and prep and one to paint -  and have the hall and stairway spruced up for the shower.   Another fine mess I have gotten myself into.  If only I had four arms!  I imagine I'll make this job drag on until summer.
So as if I don't have enough irons in the fire, I pulled out my Happy Hooker book to brush up on my crocheting so I can start a baby blanket.  

I need to reign myself in for sure.
I've got excuses, no explanations, just doing my thing.

Imagine what an accomplishment-a-palooza it will be to finish all my WIP's.  Have a great week everyone.  


Robin in Virginia said...

First, what a cool idea (the pennant with the baby clothes) you shared. Sorry the wall paper job is taking longer than expected! You have made good progress on your cross stitch pieces. Have a wonderful week.

diamondc said...

Oh my goodness, so much going on, you are one busy lady.
The quilt block looks very interesting, I do not quilt (maybe someday) but love seeing all the colors and shapes come together when I see other quilt projects in the making.
Love your stitching projects, I hate frogging done it way to many times.
Oh my that wallpaper job looks like a lot of work.
I love your idea for the baby cloths, what a sweet idea, I am sure everyone will like it.
Snow oh my I hope we do not get anymore, I feel bad the east coast has gotten all our snow this year, I do like the first picture it looks so quiet and peaceful.
I do not crochet but plan on learning someday, I want to make socks.


Stasi said...

Robin--you are a busy bee!!!

moosecraft said...

Wow! You certainly are keeping super busy! Love the idea of hanging baby clothes like that for a decoration! Very clever! Getting seams to meet can be a challenge sometimes... I usually pin alot so that the fabric does not shift while sewing. Sometimes it's which way the seams were pressed on the back too.... having the seams go in opposite directions helps the seams to nest, which kind of locks the point in place. Hope I explained that ok.... anyways, that quick snow was the kind of snow I like too! But now I am ready for tree blossoms, crocus, daffys and green grass! :-)

Lynn said...

See you Friday! Love all your pieces ♥️

Lillie said...

You've been busy. Enjoy, have fun hosting the Baby Shower .
Love the snow photos.

Weronika said...

Wow Robin where did you get so much energy and time for all of that? Your ideas are great. And you are stitching such a wonderful pieces.