Thursday, May 12, 2016

Mother's Day and More

I had a great Mother's Day spending it with No. 1 daughter at her home.   It started with flowers from her.  Her husband made us a delicious brunch and then she and I crafted all day.   A friend of her's joined us....missing her kiddos, ages 6 and 3, because her husband took them camping for the weekend.   Wow, where were dad's like 35 years ago?   At any rate, we laugh and enjoyed the day together.

This is what I accomplished on Sunday.  At my d-in-l's baby shower, my daughter had guests color pre-cut blocks with baby themes.   She pieced them together for a baby quilt top.   I quilted them up quickly with the help of a new trick my daughter taught me....spray basting.   Life changing product!

I love the little personalized blocks and love the backing fabric she choose.   Her idea really came together.   I washed and dried and packed it up to delivery in person.

Monday morning I was on the road heading west to visit the baby.   I did gramma duty at my son's.  I have been chauffeuring for lacrosse practice,  grocery getting, dinner cooking and laundry doing.    Somewhere I even had some baby time.  I got my craft on while my Little Mr. Wonderful slept.    I quilted this for him.   I had the front and backs already pieced.  Spray basting made this EZ PZ to put together.

Will all snuggled down under the blanket Aunt Amy knitted.

I made progress on my knitted baby blanket.   (oops! too busy with baby pix to snap a photo of the baby blanket)

Stitched my name on my sweatshirt for work - it gets so cold in the office some days - we all went to the uniform clerk and got zip up hoodies.

And last but not least, one of my favorite pix, father and son taking a nap.

Heading home in the morning and knowing I will be missing Little Man.


Justine said...

You have been busy! I love the photos of Will snuggled under Aunt Amy's blanket. He's a cutie!
Those quilts are both lovely - and what a great baby shower idea.

Rose Threadandpassion said...

Hi! Baby Will is sooooooo cute!
And all the crafts you all have done for him are really lovely.

Robin in Virginia said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of the Little Man! He is so adorable. I really like the shot of Dad and son. Great angle! Both quilts turned out super. Enjoy your weekend and have a safe trip home!

Stasi said...

The quilt are adorable and the grand baby precious. I know you had a wonderful visit and special Mothers Day!

moosecraft said...

Best baby pictures...ever! :-)

Lynn said...

Such a beautiful baby! I'm sure you had a great week!

Teresa S. said...

Your day sounds very familiar! The grandson is adorable!