Sunday, June 5, 2016

Weekend at the Beach

If you are from the mid-atlantic region, the "shore" is going to the Jersey shore; the "beach" is going to Delaware and in Maryland you go to the "ocean".   Why the difference?   Some say po-TAY-to, some say po-TAH-to and we will leave it at that.

I was lucky enough to be able to sign up for a Betsy Morgan class and held,  of at all places, Salty Yarns in OCMD.   I was happy to arrive early afternoon on Friday at the  Lankford Hotel.   Now if you have been there, you know it is a hundred year old hotel filled with charm, character and antiques.   I had new-to-me room this stay as I was traveling alone.   It was complete with french doors opening to a balcony on the boardwalk and that added whimsy of floors with more slanting that I have every seen.   I think if I parked my luggage with the 360 degree wheels on one side, it would have rolled to the other.  Oh, but it is all part of the charm.

Sara, Sally and Mary and all the staff provided their normal welcoming atmosphere great welcoming cocktail party, great lunch, great goodie bags, and helped make more great memories.   It was good to touch base with old friends over the weekend and to meet some new ones too.

And the ocean out my window.....ahhh.    Have you guessed that I am water person.   Just got to be near the water.  It was Seniors Week so the noise wafting up from the boards did call for earplugs but long about 2 a.m., out they came and I slept listening to the crashing of waves.

But about that project?   Isn't it the absolute best to get that new project kits?   I behaved.....I waited for the teacher to tell us to open them and lead us in inventorying our kits.   Others did not and lost floss and nymo and charms on the floor so there was a bit of a scramble by the misbehavers to find and retrieve items.

 Yesterday, we went from this........

I did a little shopping, some for me, some for a friend's birthday and filled some orders for a couple of my stitching mates.

I also started a new I need to do that but it is a ritual for  me for every visit to Salty Yarns.   This is Jeannette Douglas' bargello pin cushion.  I have done a bit of bargello here and there but not to this extent.   Just started and it is working up fast.   I bought the recommended Lone Elm Shaker lid for assembling it.

For now though, I am putting my class piece and the bargello projects aside.   I am using the incentive to want that I want to work on my new pieces but exercising willpower to complete two  WIP's that I  am so very close to finishing.   Since it is raining cats and dogs again which means no yard work, I hope I will be able to share some finishes next weekend.


Stasi said...

Good to see you Robin.....glad you made it home safe and sound!

butterfly said...

Lovely post thanks for sharing lovely work.

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad you had a wonderful time! Thanks for the chuckle about the shore and the beach! Congratulations on your box finish; it turned out super. Enjoy your day!

moosecraft said...

You always have the most unique projects in progress! Love the beeskep on that etui and the bargello star pinkeep is looking beautiful too! Glad you enjoyed your stay at "the beach"! ;-)

Weronika said...

I am very happy that you've had such a wnderful time. Your box looks great!