Monday, August 22, 2016

Installment #2

Here are some more pix of Seneca Falls.  I just love the quirkiness of older architecture.

There were many large, old victorian homes that I never seemed to have my camera with me.

This town is steeped in history.   Elizabeth Cady Stanton  was a Women's Rights Activist.  This is a park in the center of town in her honor.

Women's Rights Historical Park

Seneca Falls is a factory town and home to a Gould Pump factory - pumps that we use at my work! - and this is the Gould Hotel.   I kept referring to it as the "Elliott Hotel", not on purpose, telling my girls we could walk up to "the Elliott" for dinner.   Must have had Elliott Gould on my mind!  Needless to say, they looked at me like what hotel are you talking about?   I ran amok...not unusual.  

The Three Woman of Seneca Falls
Amelia Bloomer introduces local resident Elizabeth Cady Stanton to her friend Susan B. Anthony.  This statue is not far from the Seneca Falls Convention Center and it on the site where it is believed these three ladies met.  Amelia Bloomer is portrayed wearing the pants that made her  famous.  

After our stroll on the first night, we settled into the carriage house.   What could be better than a big plate of nachos with chicken, an unending pitcher of sangria and crafting.   I am doubly blessed that my girls not only get my crafting addiction but that they have the bug too.  

This is some of the interior of the carriage house.

 Next morning, we were up and out early.  We took a drive down the eastern shore of Seneca Lake and stopped at a couple of wineries for some tastings.    First was Wagner Wineries.    Did our tasting and walked around the grounds.   Now this part of upstate NY I could move to easily.  I left with several bottles and the paperwork to sign up for quarterly at home deliveries.  Wagner's is a multi-generation vineyard and a bit commercial.   It was still a good stop.

Choices, choices.    I selected for my tasting the Cayuga White a semi sweet wine; the Delaware (since I work in Delaware) a less sweet Niagara. Both good enough to jump in my cart and come home with me.  Next the Sparkling Riesling which was good but I didn't buy it.   Although I will definitely keep it in mind as a champagne alternative.  The Sunset Red, a fruity wine recommended for Sangria also came home with me.  The Melody - fruity and crisp but also one I didn't buy. And finally, the Gewürztraminer Semi Dry, which I like better then the Gewürztraminer dry.  Semi dry found its way home with me as well.  

Another vineyard we stopped at was The Silver Thread.   Of course with "thread" in the name, we had to stop.  This was a good choice.   The Silver Thread actually refers to a waterfalls nearby.  Small, quaint, served by the owner, Shannon,.... she and her husband are transplants from jobs in the Washington DC area to the Finger Lakes.   Shannon was super informative about the wines, the vineyard, where to go and what to see in the area.   This was a good stop and purchases were made!

Image this as your view on your way to work every morning!

Look at the t-shirts DD#2 got each of us.  Very appropriate I should say.

And now for what we are really into......crafting!
DD#2 is working on a quilt for nephew Will.  She is making the twin bed size.   Once were we back in the carriage house, she was able to sew all 16 fancy foxes for the quilt.   She had pre-cut the required fabric and needed to do the fussy cutting.   I showed her how to chain stitch each step and she was off to the races.   I pressed her seams and set up the next step and she just sailed through all those foxes.  

I brought along this little cutie to stitch up and satisfy my need to get a project done.   So discouraging to have BAP's and not see the end on site.    This is Bent Creek's Zippies series, Uncle Sam.   I stitched it as charted except for adding the wagon handle using floss in my stash.

Next post, more stitching, Watkins Glen and fireworks!


Robin in Virginia said...

What fabulous photos of the countryside! I am enjoying the 'field trip' through your camera's lens. What a cute fox quilt and congratulations on your Uncle Sam finish!

Stasi said...

Looks like a very special time!!! How wonderful your daughters share your passion for crafting! Mine also share my love for hand crafted items, not necessarily stitching, but a variety of arts/crafts where they can feel a sense of accomplishment.

butterfly said...

More great photos thanks for taking us with you on your trip.