Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow Day!

Only one thing better than a snowy Saturday.....that would be a snow day during the week which would mean a Snow Day Off.....I will settle for a Saturday snow day.    The forecast keeps changing and I have no idea what the final snowfall amount will be.....I know for sure we won't be getting what is forecasted for my friend Stasi in Richmond.   (Stay safe my friend and see you next weekend!)

So what does a snow day mean to, silence, big pot of soup, and.....wait for it........crafting all the day long.   Yeah!   Yes, I have done the obligatory cleaning and making of beds and I have started a big pot of potato soup.   Now don't get excited, it is not from scratch.   It is a mix to be doctored up with bacon, sour cream and cheese.   I look forward to a side salad and a steaming bowl when I take my dinner break later today.

I am not sure what I will get into today but after that War and Peace missive of a post of my last post - and I applaud all the diehards that lasted through that post in its entirely - I forgot to share Miss Mary Mack!    She was my last finished for 2016.   I have plans to finish her as a  pillow with a flanged edge....but we all know that sometimes what I envision does not always turn out as it was in my minds eye.    She was stitched in R & R's 28 count Winter Bran with WDW Molasses, pattern by La-D-Da.

 I stitched the dress on a diagonal and like how the color variation in floss played out.

"Miss Mary Mack, Mack Mack,
All dressed in black, black, black,
With silver button, button, buttons,
All down her back, back, back.

She asked her mother, mother, mother,
For first cents, cents, cents,
To see the elephants, elephants, elephants,
Jump over the fence, fence, fence.

They jumped so high, high, high,
They touched the sky, sky, sky,
And didn't come back, back, back
Until the 4th of July, July July."

I thought I knew which fabric I was using for my finish - the center one because of the scale of the print.   However the color above is more true than as it photographed below.   Now I don't know which one to use.

Some of the silver buttons I have pulled from stash.   I really like the one with the black center.   It has a large shank and would be perfect at the center of a biscournu.

Also there was another big project  I started in 2016 that I didn't share.   This is something I have been contemplating and been advised against by professionals for several years.   But I took the plunge and started the process.    Intrigued?   LOL......I stopped dying my hair last June or July.  Of course a hairdresser is going to advise me against it.   I am letting the gray grow in and I like it.  The long months of a technicolor mane of hair are behind me.  I am about maybe a haircut or so from getting the last bits of dye cut off.  In my little pea brain I choose to view it as natural frosting.   Maybe it was turning the big 6 0.   Or it was seeing pix of friends on their boat sharing his catch of the day and noticing how gray he has become that got me thinking why do guys look distiquished or sexy with gray hair and women don't.   I can tell you it is very liberating.   If I was any good at taking a selfie that look more like me and less like some sort of big eyed alien head looking like a dazed deer in the headlights, I would share the color.  

Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do.  Hopefully I will have something more than a tale of cleaning, sorting and purging stash to share for my day o' crafting.   Life is good.  Happy week everyone!


Susan said...

Hope you get a lot of stitching done! Sorry we won't see you at the guild next week.

Stasi said...

Hey Robin,
All is well here so far....maybe 5-6 inches, but we're staying put as we've heard from just about everyone that "Richmonders", "Richmondites" (not sure what's correct)go into total panic mode when it snows. Definitely a "better to be safe than sorry" situation!
Miss Mary Mack is fabulous and I think any of the fabrics would work (of course it's hard when you're not seeing the true color in person.
Kudos on letting your hair go au natural--looking forward to seeing it and you next weekend!

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoy the peacefulness of your Saturday snow day! Miss Mary Mack looks super and it will be fun to see which fabric you go with for her. Have a wonderful and productive weekend!

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: Did my cleaning Thursday and Friday, stitching today and tomorrow.
I am still having my hair dyed at 66, oh well, maybe I will take the plunge and go au natural if the prices keep going up.
I am sure you will look lovely with all gray hair, I love gray hair.
Mary Mack Mack is adorable, I do like your first choice of fabric, the black center button is lovely.

Happy Stitching

moosecraft said...

We got about 4" up here in central nj. Nice powdery stuff, so clearing with a shovel was actually a pleasant and invigorating experience! We'll save the machine for bigger storms... lol! Congrats on letting your gray show! With the exception of high school, when I dyed my hair black for the "goth look"... I've always been my natural hair color (med brown)... right now I have the 2" gray skunk stripe at my right temple with a tinseling of gray throughout lol!... AND, think of all the money and time you have freed up for stitching! :-) Happy New Year!

Loretta said...

Love Miss Mary Mack, great finish and cool buttons! :)