Saturday, February 25, 2017

2 today

Poor Mr. Daffodil is confused.   Hope we don't get a
March blizzard and freeze the little guy!
2 posts that it.

Wow, working outside in a t-shirt in February!  Unheard of but welcomed all the same.   I got home from setting up the Heart Ball Auction  (no, I don't attend; I would much rather be at home in my pj's stitching while my co-workers are dealing with bodyshapers and pantyhose and pinching high heels.  Mr. W. wouldn't go either and then you have to answer all those questions of why he won't come....) but I digress.....

I came home and went outside and did some yard work.  Crazy talk I know.   It felt so good to get out there and dig and scratch and rake to work off the stress.   I never realize what pressure the auction is until my part is done.   The items are unpacked and in place, their  easels with numbers and descriptions are by their sides, the room is dressed, the boxes are stowed and the rest is not my responsibility.

I let my mind go blank scratching in the garden.  No worries, no stress, nothing to think about anything but the next weed to pull.  And I love the 'tired' you get from yard work and then you look back and think ah....I see progress.

Started on the raised bed vegetable garden.   Don't mind my crazy path of clearing the chickweed.   There was a squirrel in the nearby tree that was not happy I was working I moved on.

This spring I will remove more ivy (yes, MORE).  This time across the back property line.    I am just clearing up the edges to make a nice straight property line across the back for me.....

Signs of spring - my wheelbarrow full of garden waste.

Yuck, I need to put lattice or something around the nasty trash cans in the background.  And maybe a paver area around the fire pit.  
 My tulips are coming up too!
And new growth on the hydrangea...
I'd be out there still but a thunderstorm has blown in.  Yes, a thunderstorm in February. My mind is going in two directions with this weather......worries me if we got socked with the real winter weather, it will be brutal after this week of record breaking warmth.....or.....early spring and long hot summer...........hmm, the pool is scheduled for it's makeover in will be what it is......time to wash up, make dinner, and stitch a bit on Corsica River!


Robin in Virginia said...

I hope Mother Nature isn't lulling us into a false sense of winter is over and spring is here. The neighbor's cherry trees blossomed this week. Go figure! Glad you were able to play in the yard!

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: Beautiful photos of springs offerings, I hope your weather stays warm from now till next December.
It has been warm here with no snow on the ground, we missed the storm last week, yahoo.
Lots of garden work does make a person feel good, especially when you can see the progress.


Christina said...

Aww this made me smile - my daughter is called Ivy! More prettier and easier to deal with than the plant growing in your garden! My hydrangeas are sprouting too. It makes me happy that spring is on its way. ��