Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sam is coming along

Alma Lynn designs from 1992, duplicate stitch pattern for a sweater.
I am amazed at how fast Uncle Sam is coming along.   This is a super great project for me right now.  

Still working mad, crazy hours including going into the office today.   I can get more done in four hours on a Saturday than I probably will accomplish on a full Monday and Tuesday!

I am allowing myself 15 to 20 minutes each morning before getting ready for work rather than an hour each morning.   As you can see, it is working.  I thought I was being extremely hopeful to attempt to finish by the 4th of for now I am feeling like that is not unrealistic at all.

Sam is stitched on 18 count.   On a previous 18 ct. finishes I have used 3 and even 4 stands of floss.   I charged ahead here using only two strands but as fellow stitcher Pat pointed out, it gives him a more faded, weathered look and I am OK with that.   He is supposed to have a stitched flag but I will be using this flag instead....that is if I can attach it well enough to keep it sturdy and not from dipping down.    When the stitching is done, I will be finishing him to stand on an easel.  

As for me, hi ho, hi ho, it is off to work I go.


Robin in Virginia said...

Sam looks great. I like his time worn look. What blues and reds are you using? Enjoy your weekend!

Christina said...

Uncle Sam is looking fantastic! Yes, I agree that the 2 strands give it an aged look. It suits the style.

Lillie said...

Handsome looking Uncle Sam.