Sunday, May 21, 2017

Goal Oriented

I've always known I am a goal oriented person.   I put a target out there for me to be done all my gardening, save the routine maintenance of the vegetable garden and the rouge weed here and there.   When I told myself I wanted it all done by June 1st I thought that seemed so far away.  But now it is fast approaching...but I am getting there.  In the winter I try to stitch for 30 to 60 minutes each morning with my coffee before I head to work.  These days I am outside watering seedlings and the grass seed in the bare spots and where I have over-seeded......and I am loving it.   There is something so fulfilling about everything greening up, leaves sprouting, flowers budding.  In the evenings  I am jumping right into my sweats the minute I am in the door and attacking which ever garden task is my interest that evening.   Most nights I am not even starting dinner until 8 and then I no sooner sit on the sofa after the dishes are done and fall evening stitching going for me.   But it is a good tired; and better yet, I am seeing progress and I am looking forward to a summer of sitting on my deck and looking out at the benefits of my work these last several weeks.   Lots of plants have been thinned; lots transplants; beds neatened up; and best, local landscaper came and did about 90% of my mulching.  Just need to clean around my pond and around the pool deck and I will be done...... so the reason for this prologue is to explain why there is so little stitching progress to share.

The end of the sixth red leaf is where I estimate I should be by May is about 1/3 of the row.

I'm not going to make it.  I am not disappointed with myself.  I can see when I look back at my last post how far I have actually made it.    I am enjoying this section, plotting out the black outline and then filling in the red in the long arm cross.    I thought I was quite generous when I created the schedule for completion.   Apparently I didn't factor in gardening......I have June and July to finish this row and maybe I can make up for lost time. I looked ahead and the next section will definitely not take the two months allotted so I am thinking that could be catch up time.

I have a class in June at Salty Yarns in OCMD and I am taking Corsica River along to stitch on when I am there.   I bet I can make good progress from those porch rockers.   I am looking forward to 4 days of nothing but fellow stitchers, salt air, good meals at some of my favorite places and a Betsy Morgan class!  Corsica River is getting sidelined after tonight until I get my pre-work done!

I am also teaching a Christmas in July class for EGA and have been ordering supplies.....I have almost everything I need except for the back ordered items that are promised soon.   I can't give it away just yet but I can say that there are two possible versions and I want to stitch one of each before the class.   I will plan to devote an upcoming weekend making up my 25 kits and pre-stitching a couple of samples.

My take along project is also moving slow.  If progress could happen just by the number of weeks I carry this to work every day and don't touch it, I would have been done months ago.   Just like that weight loss idea I had when the kiddos were young and I was ferrying them everywhere and I thought there should be a way to loss weight while driving the car....I never did figure that trick out!

One of my guilds, DVHSG, is having a Lauren Sauer class in September that I would like to take......but not if this is not stitched.   So there is my goal for this piece.   Should I be so bold as to say finished as well by September!  Let's not get carried away.

It's all good.   To everything there is a season and for me, this is the season of the yard......

Thanks for stopping by.......keep on stitching.  


Robin in Virginia said...

I think you have made good progress on both of your projects. Have a fabulous week!

cucki said...

Wow it's so beautiful
I love it so much
Happy stitching x