Monday, June 12, 2017

Not without incident...

So everyone knows my Mr. Wonderful is retired.   I have no idea what he does to busy himself all day.   He is playing angry birds on his iPad when I leave and also when I return home......I hardily hope he fills in the hours in between with something else.......   I have been trying to stir him into some yard and household helpful jobs that he could do while I am at work but it hasn't been easy.    He has been contemplating painting the Adirondack chairs.....and after some months of thinking about it.......he started.   Of course, it was a major undertaking to take him to Lowe's explain the different paints and why we couldn't use stain on the already once painted chairs.   I gave up on explaining the virtues of buying a good brush.  Imagine my delight when I came home one day last week and they were painted and in place by the fire pit......  I gave Mr. W. the once over since he hasn't handled a paint brush in 42 years of marriage.....he had only one splash of about 5 drops of paint on his sweat pants.   I was impressed.......then I saw the cat!  His little Buddy following him around all day must of walked under the freshly painted chairs and got paint in his tail.

I was able to take a quick long weekend out to see my grand baby.   Gramma bought him a swing with he loved equally as much as the box it came in.
The long drive is worth it.  We laughed and it was good to see him.   He is growing so fast.    I was excited to learn my daughter-in-law and grandson will visiting me at the end of June and the whole family again in the end of August.  Definitely some pool time in store for us.  For this trip to make things easy, I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard about 7 miles from their home.   It gave me some quiet time and stitching time in the room in the evenings and early morning.

It's hard but enough of Mr. William.    I do have a finish to share.  Uncle Sam.   The pattern is from a 1992 pamphlet from Alma Lynn for duplicate sweater patterns.   I plan to finish him as a stand up.   I have red and blue pearl cotton to make the cording.   Instead of stitching the flag as charted, I plan to attach this metal flag from Hobby Lobby.   I kind of went overboard when adding the doll hair.  He may need a hair cut!

This weekend was a class at Salty Yarns.  I took the Betsy Morgan Virgin Queen Stitching Wallet class.   Betsy is such a great teacher, so thorough and shares so many tricks and tips along the way.  Oh my......I will be adding this to the backlog of projects.  As always, it is good to see old friends and to make some new ones.  

  I managed to complete the pre-stitch just in the nick of time, like Saturday morning.  In class we assembled the needle book.

Look at the awesome way we laced the spine of the needle book.

A little shopping after class and I treated myself to Hands on Design "Mend".  I changed the ground fabric from the called for 'Dusty Miller' to Lakeside Linens Maritime White and I am using the 'reds' Sally (of Salty Yarns) used.

I also treated myself to this as well!   It is a limited edition project by Cathy Habermann of Hands On Designs and has to be ordered through Elegant Stitch.  It arrived last week.   Oh boy, my to-do list of new projects is getting longer.  I just feel in love with this when I saw it.  The trims, fibers and fabrics are so pretty and everything is included in the kit.   I have a class in the fall with Cathy Habermann and I hope to have this at least started.   Maybe I can get her to sign the box!  Seems Hands On Designs is my latest favorite designer.

Progress is coming along on Mon Ami A Stitcher's Friend.   One more motif on panel three and then the fourth and smaller last panel.

We made a quick stop at Serendipity Quilt Shop in Dagsboro to pick up fabrics for the lining.  I had in mind mattress ticking.....and ended up liking a batik!   Never would have guessed that.

My Corsica River SAL project has not seen any work......just hope it doesn't fall into the abyss as the wallpaper removal project.

Maybe next post,  I will share from some garden photos.   For now, indoor orchids are blooming like crazy.

Thanks for stopping by.....keep on stitching.


Lillie said...

A wonderful write-up. Your grandson is adorable.
Class at Sally's sounds wonderful. Pretty designs by
Hands On, love the finishing on your needlebook.
The orchids are pretty.

Susan said...

I laughed out loud about the cat! Will is such a cutie--love the bow tie!

Will we see the entire Betsy Morgan project finished soon?😀😀

Robin in Virginia said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time at OCMD. Your needle book finish looks great. Love the Uncle Sam; look forward to seeing it as a stand up. Mr. William is a handsome boy. Way to go to Mr. W. on the paint job of the chairs!

Stasi said...

Robin, first off, your grandson is the bow tie!
Your blackwork needlebook looks fantastic--you were a busy bee!
It was great to see you again and I look forward to seeing your HOD pieces completed! Where are you taking the class with Cathy?

cucki said...

Such a sweet post
Love all the pictures and your stitching is so beautiful
Big hugs x

diamondc said...

Greetings Robin: I love this post, your Grandchildren are adorable, you are so lucky to have them.
I was the same way right after retirement, I just need to get used to not getting up early and being on a schedule.
Love the Uncle Sam, his hair is perfect.
I have taken Betsy Morgan's classes before she is a great teacher and has such lovely designs.
All your project are lovely.