Sunday, October 29, 2017

Day Three Dawns

I made great progress last, my stitching and the Hallmark channel.   Sappy I know but I can't stitch and have to watch the plot so Hallmark it is.   Besides, sometimes it is just nice to have a feel good show on.

There are snowflakes there that are not showing up!

Anyway, Day Two of my hurry-up Christmas Ornament stitching  ended with me pleased with my progress.  However, Day Three dawned with the inability to find the other card of Crescent Colors English Ivy.   I  KNOW I have two cards.   Although both were left over from a previous project, I knew there was enough.  If you know me, you know I hate, with a passion, wasting time 'looking' for things.   I search my project bag, my stitching bag, pulled the cushion off my stitching chair and resigned to blame the cat and move on.   Poor maligned Buddy.

I hate when you have a hiccup in your progress.  So with all the floss we all have on hand I was headed to my sewing room to find a match.  Now there is green and there is green.  

I think I am satisfied to use Bullfrog.  I hope to finish the stitching tonight, prep with interfacing and be able to turn wrong sides together and stitch the finishing at lunchtime on Monday and Tuesday at work this week.

Also, yesterday and three needles later, I put in a zipper in the second of four jackets I am mending for Mr. W.   When I told him I had two more to do, they have been in the mending pile so long he forgot about them.   It was like old is new again.  

I putzed about a bit and tried using Mod Podge to attach card making paper to the backing of a project.   Good thing it was a practice run.  It came out a bit ripply.  I am not going to reinvent the wheel but will head  to YouTube to find a tutorial.  

Also in my impatience to get something done, I decided on a frame for the  Longaberger Basket stitch.   I was torn between this frame and the plaid frame but I thought of how I could display the finish and the frame won.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching


Robin in Virginia said...

It looks like you got a good bit accomplished. I like the red frame for your basket of apples. You know, the green floss that went missing will turn up now that you found a substitute.

Lynn said...

I really love that basket!!

Jackie said...

I don't like looking for things either but it seems like it's happening with a bit more frequency! Love your basket of apples!

Anna van Schurman said...

It wasn't in the couch cushions? (I'm trying to cut the cat some slack.) I like the frame you chose.