Sunday, October 1, 2017

Getting Ready to Go Again!

That's right boys and girls.   Although I enjoyed my week in Cape May with my co-worker and although I thoroughly recharged my mental and emotional batteries and came back relaxed and ready to attack house, home and is not like being on retreat with my fellow stitchers.   They are my tribe; we get each other and we encourage and commiserate with each other over our individual stitching completions, challenges and yes, woes.

So real quick, my progress on my Hands on Design prestitch.   I plan to take this with me to OCMD.
I will also take my other Hands on Design, My Stitcher's progress to share here since everything I stitched at needlework night on Thursday.....I have since frogged.
I started the next row of Corsica River.   After all the long arm cross, I had to wrap my head around the blackwork again.   I admit to doing some blackwork and some back stitch.   To satisfy my urge to cross stitch I dropped down to the next row and started the long armed cross stitched in blue.  The first two stitched rows here are long arm cross across the width of the design.  I haven't decided if I want to take this monster with me to OCMD.  I certainly could use the time to catch up on the scheduled but do I want the hassle of this Goliath?
Another project that is already in my bag is my first needlepoint project.  After all these years of unknowing, well meaning friends calling what I do "needlepoint" I guess it is time to actually try it.   It is a good size to try for my first attempt at needlepoint......please let me NOT like it....if you know what I mean.

Halloween stitching for me is right up there with Christmas and patriotic pieces.   I hope to finish up the fall decorations today and head outside to enjoy this beautiful weather we have having.

Beautiful weather here and beautiful weather predicted for the weekend in Ocean City Maryland next weekend.   Love that ocean air and those boardwalk strolls.   Now I am off to put up the rest of the fall decorations and move that sprinkler around the yard all day to water where I overseeded.

Suitcase is out and the toiletry bag will be replenished and I'll be off early Thursday.  Have a great week all and keep on stitching!


Stasi said...

Would love to be going to the retreat next weekend and see your projects in person but am heading to Salty for Jamboree and will just miss you. Have a great time with the ladies and enjoy that wonderful destination!!!

butterfly said...

Wonderful stitching and Halloween display.
Enjoy your retreat .

Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoy your tribe and the weekend away! I look forward to hearing about your trip.

diamondc said...

Robin: Your halloween displays are wonderful, great progress on Corsica River.
I hate frogging.


moosecraft said...

Those are some fun Halloween stitches! I'm going to wild guess and bet that you're going to enjoy needlepoint very much! :-) There are so many hand painted canvases out there... and so many "fancy" stitches to learn... yep, today's needlepoint is certainly "not my Granmother's needlepoint"! lol! Enjoy your time in OCMD!!!