Saturday, December 9, 2017

Snow Flakes are falling

Yeah!   I love snow.....and yes, not just from the window.   I've shoveled my share of driveways.   Looks like this snow storm won't bring much shoveling though.   But what it will bring is a day inside all toasty finishing up the decorations.

I was off to a great start Thanksgiving weekend.  Outside done, inside done except for the Christmas trees (yes trees, only three this year).   And then I have not been able to make any progress since and the boxes of ornaments seem to have become a permanent fixture in the middle of the living room.

Work seems to continue to require extra hours.    83 weeks until retirement not that I am counting!  Work caused me to be in a cloud of funk this past fall due to turnover of employees.  I know these decisions are business and not personal.   However, because a friend was involved, it was personal to me.   Nothing has changed but I have moved on and back to my happy place at work.

So besides 10 hour workdays and crashing and burning on Friday nights, I have made more project bags.   I really enjoyed making these.   I gave myself a self imposed deadline to complete them (16!!) by my Thursday night needlework group's Holiday Dinner.   Below are some that I saved for myself, daughters and other stitching friends.   It was a great way to make use of finishes that were just collecting dust in the basket of finishes.

Wool applicate that is going in the mail.
A pattern from a visit to Williamsburg.
An embroidery piece from a pattern bought at the Longaberger Homestead shop in Dresden, OH 
Sweetheart Tree design
Flowers stitched by my friend Carol
Daughter No. 1 put her name on this one before it was even assembled!
The girls were thrilled even after my disclaimer that no two were stitched the same and none were exactly perfect.    I managed to get the assembly down to about 45 minutes each if all the fabric was already cut and pressed.   My sewing room/gift storage room/kids stay in during the holidays room looks like what Santa's workshop must be like on December 26th.   Time for a sort out for sure but not until the trees are done.

I did finished William's Christmas stocking and feel pretty sure I can assemble it prior to their arrival on the 22nd.  I did watch Vonna's tutorial on Floss Tube about how to assemble it.   I wish had watched it before I stressed about a lining fabric.   She suggests a plain lining because with charms and buttons it is best not to interface.   She does beautiful work so I won't argue with her methods.

Even added a charm that says "stitched with love" 
Also another monster of a WIP that I am thrilled to get off that backlog list.   This was originally my son's childhood (twin-sized) quilt.   Several years ago, he asked that I make it queen sized.   I added about 10 to 12 inches to all sides and at this point, it is what it is.   Along the way I damaged my machine just because of the sheer weight of the quilt as I dragged it through the machine.   The quilt went back into the closet for another couple of years.   Along came a free day in August, spray basting and a daughter for a day who helped guide the quilt as I finished up the quilting once and for all.   I added the binding and then hand stitched it in place during the evenings.   I just only need to go to the laundromat to wash and dry it and have it crinkle up.   I plan to put all his Christmas presents in one box and wrap them all up with his quilt for Christmas.

I managed to squeeze in a weekend in Lancaster County with my friend from work.   Deb and I always have a good time together and this trip did not disappoint.   Now get this, we stayed at the Caboose Motel......the rooms are actually in train cabooses.  We were not lucky enough to get a caboose room but had a suite in the Shady Rest Hotel.  It was just what we both needed to decompress from work and family and holiday stress.   We actually want to go back and stay for a long weekend in the spring.   We are both looking forward to sitting on the porch with a beverage in hand and taking in the beautiful view and mellowing out after a day of visiting all the cute shops in Paradise, Bird-in-Hand, Strasburg and Intercourse, PA.

Sunset in Lancaster County
Early morning Lancaster County

We ate in the dining car.
Our view from the dining car.  It was the Santa Christmas Breakfast Train.   Fun to see all the kiddos so excited. There is something about little boys and trains.  
OK, I am off to complete the decorating, clean up the snips and bits of ribbons and greens and hopefully get in some wrapping before the day is over.  I made a big pot of soup made last night, have some Chiabatta bread ready for dinner.  Christmas music is on.   Going to get another cuppa coffee and attack the day.


Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

love all your stitching and the train looks like fun.

Robin in Virginia said...

Good for you on getting the stitching of William's stocking finished along with your son's larger quilt. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your weekend; it looks like a very cool place to visit. Enjoy your weekend!

Susan said...

Love those project bags! Now i’m Inspired to do something with all the little pieces I have laying around.

Daffycat said...

You’ve made some really nice things! Those pears though...too freaking adorable!

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: Your bags look terrific, the quilt for your son is lovely. We have been on dinner trains, I love them, so romantic.


Justine said...

I love your project bags! What a great way to make use of your finished stitching.

Stasi said...

Love all your projects and the bags are wonderful. I've had that idea on the back burner for a bit since I have some unfinished, but stitched, pieces laying around. Great job!!! The stocking is adorable and I'm sure will be a big hit!
Hope to see you in January at Salty Yarns!