Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Loose ends

Still in that tidying up state of mind.   Five more xerox boxes of 'stuff' out to the shed.   Four bags of clothes ready for a consignment shop.  Two bags of stitching supplies ready for another consignment shop!   And there is more to go.....don't know what has gotten into me but it feels good.

Along the same lines,  I have finished up a couple of things in my UFO basket.   See, when sorting your craft supplies, you get hit smack in the face with the embarrassment of how many things are lanquishing in the to be finished basket.    

I completed this SamSarah design several years ago.   I had ironed on the interfacing after I attached the buttons not knowing any better which made it look very rumpled.   I deconstructed it and there it sat.   Having learned more about finishing since then I  reassembled it only to not know where I put the embellishment buttons for 'safe' keeping.   I added a couple of blue seed beads for his eyes and moving this to the completed pile.

Several of us bought these little tool trays from Salty Yarns a few years back.   I had the brilliant idea to add designs that would be removable for each season.   Others have done theirs but not I.    I decided to stitch up another start-to-finish-in-under-a-year project from Lizzie Kate this week.  I think it is called Hippity Hop.   I modified it to fit the tool caddy by eliminating a motif.

What did we do before having these clips?
They are always in my project bag just in case.

Not exactly thrilled with the thickness of the finish.  I used thin foam core but no worries, I am expecting an order of Comic Board from Amazon that I can use on my next finish.  But as we say, from the top of the bridge, it looks fine.

Lastly I finished up this EGA petite project.   It  is nice to get a small little project and technique at our meetings.   But as I was sorting and purging I came across about a dozen of similar projects left incomplete.

 Again, not a perfect finish but if you go up on that bridge for a view, it is just fine.   I have enough cord left to add as a hanger but I may leave it off and just place this on an easel at Valentine's Day.

We had our second Nor'easter in a week with a third one in the forecast for early next week.  It was great to have a snow day and for the first time ever, I didn't shovel a flake of snow.  Mr. Wonderful did it all and I only felt slightly guilty about it.

 We were getting snow at the rate of a couple of inches an hour.   And now, the sun is shining!

 Thankfully the sun warmed enough to let the snow fall off the branches before breaking them.

 I love the look of my new red stitch dogwood agains the snow.

No sitting here!

 Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

Oh my, look at your snow! Could/would you box it up and send my way? How did you attach your spring piece to the wooden carrier? Great finishes by the way!

Stasi said...

Wow--looks like you got snow slammed! Glad you didn't have to do any shoveling this time.
Your Easter pieces are adorable! I too have a SY tool caddy and it just sits......I wish I could say you motivated me to pull it out, but too much already in the line up.... one of these days!!!
Stay warm and cozy!

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: I love the tool caddy the finish is perfect, what a wonderful idea to be able to change out the seasons, I may need to copy your idea.
The Sam Sarah Design is positively adorable and a perfect finish.
I hate snow we have had 14 inch's in a week with a little more coming this weekend, I feel so bad for the upper north east of the states, its horrible all the bad weather you are getting.


diamondc said...

Robin: Two things I forgot to say, your photos are stunning.
I love your heart.


Shirlee said...

The cross stitch is lovely, but I love that snowfall! Reminds me of the snows we had when I was growing up. Would love to have been in your area when it was falling!