Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Snow Day

and I took advantage of the time off.   Heaven knows there are things I should have been doing but........

So my picture walk today is not is snow......We have been fortunate not to get the 40 to 50 mph winds that were predicted.

 The trees look so pretty and I love get over the 'silence' of a snowy day.    This dogwood will be in full bloom in a quick 6 weeks.   Hard to believe under all this snow.

Just think, in about 6 weeks we will be sitting around the pool.....not swimming in six weeks, but enjoying the warm spring time breezes for sure.

 My red TWIG dogwood that I previously identified as a red stitch dogwood.   Guess stitching was on my mind.

I cleaned and did laundry and put up my spring decorations instead.   And I snuck in a couple of half hours here and there to work on Corsica River.   Yes, I know.   I vowed to work on Corsica River on Sundays and work on Quaker Halloween Monday to Friday.   Well I don't seem to be too good at sticking to that plan.   I was on a roll with putting in the blackwork that I just wanted to keep going with it.  A couple or four more lengths of NPI and I will be ready to go back to filling in with the long-armed cross.

 How appropriate to have carrots made from bobbins.  Great craft fair find.

 I'm ready to retire and replace this tree.   Saw a great pencil tree at Christmas time but hesitated telling myself there was nothing wrong with the one I is a $29 tree and looks like a $29 tree (in person) and several branches on broken.

This Easter Egg tree used to be my mom's!  It have to be 35 years old.  The ceramic chocolate egg as $1 at a consignment store.

Nothing to do now but wait for the snow plow to come through my neighborhood and off to work in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching.


Robin in Virginia said...

I totally enjoyed your snow day pictures. Such a peaceful and serene feel to them! Your spring and Easter décor looks super. Good for you on putting in more stitches on Corsica River! Sometimes, you just have to go with it.

butterfly said...

Love the Easter decorations, they look wonderful.
Don't like the snow , we had a load a few days ago.
Enjoy your Easter.

Lynn said...

Love the eggs in the bottom picture! All of your decorations are beautiful!

Stasi said... got socked with the snow! Glad you had a productive day though! Your decorations are precious!

diamondc said...

Robin: Your Easter decorations are lovely, I only put out a few things
I am so sorry about the snow.
Corsica River is coming along.


moosecraft said...

I'm so darn happy that the storm never became what was predicted....especially the winds! was very pretty! But, snow be gone already....we need some Spring! You're way ahead of me with decorating...and with only one week remaining until Easter, I guess I had better get decorating my house this weekend! ;-) LOVE those bobbin carrots!