Saturday, February 9, 2019

Progress Made

I managed to spend an hour Friday evening at the sewing machine and created the next quilt block in my 2019 Quilters Planner.   I hope to get the block from the week of 1/27 done tomorrow and then I will be current.   Why is it when we undertake these projects they seem so easy to accomplished and then BAM! you fall behind so quickly?

I don't know why I decided to sew three of each biweekly block but I did.   It is an easy calculation that if I keep this up all year, I will have 75 6-inch blocks for another "QWIP"....Quilt Work In Progress
 Let's watch the pile grow!

I am glad I pulled my yellow and blue fat quarters to use for all the blocks.   No telling what this could have ended up if I had not.   Setting yourself up for the next step is a little I learned at a quilt class.   Our teacher taught us the last thing you should do in any quilting session is to have everything set up for the next time you sit down to work.   You waste no time trying to figure out where you where and can't start straight away.  You can really just dedicate 15 minutes and get a ton accomplished when everything is ready to go for each work session.  For my 'set-up' I have chosen my fabrics for the next block, have removed the tags and cardboard and have them laid out to iron.  A quick press, cut-cut, sew-sew and I'll have the next block to add to the stack hopefully in about an hour.

I didn't make too much progress on my Summer House Sampler.     I've been working on finishing all week.   But progress is progress and this is nice small project.

I did assembly my stump work name tag.   Not sure if I would ever do stump work again but the mystery of how it is done has been solved for me.

 I finished my Quaker Halloween from Lila's Studio and have been working on finishing this piece as well.   Seems when you get on a finishing streak you just keep going.  Don't mind the dangling cording that I am attaching.   I hope to have it all attached before my guild meeting later this morning.  I opted for cording rather than the Chinese braid because that is what I had available and you know when you are ready to finish, you are ready to finish and need to roll with it.

And then there is the truth about the other bed in my crafting room.   It is piled with packing and boxes left over from Christmas because I just might need boxes (?) well as everything off the top of my sewing table which of course has to be moved to sew........and we have been wondering where the cat had been hiding.....

Oh that Buddy.........Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching.


StitchThrifty said...

The colors of the quilt blocks make me smile they are so fresh and happy. Your stitching is beautiful!Congrats on your finish of Quaker Halloween. Your dangling cord kinda looks like a spider LOL! Buddy's look is funny, it says oh no I've been found out!! Have a great day & thank you for sharing.

Robin in Virginia said...

Your quilt blocks looks super. Good for you on getting in some finishing! Your name tag turned out lovely. Enjoy your guild meeting!

Stasi said...

Your quilt colors are very springy, Robin...are you trying to battle the winter blues??? Love the Summer House piece and the Halloween finish is fabulous. Cute little pic of kitty hiding in the box!!!

Susan said...

Too funny about Buddy! The quilt is looking great. Love your Quaker Halloween finish.

Marilyn said...

This is going to be a beautiful quilt, love those colors.
The stumpwork is beautiful, and love that Lila;s piece.
If there's a good place to hide, cats will find it!

Anonymous said...

You can never have too many boxes or paper bags when you have a cat.
Perfect finish on Halloween Quaker, it is beautiful.
The quilt is going to be gorgeous!
Buddy, keep her guessing.
Have a great week.