Sunday, August 11, 2019

Check your copies!

This is my latest WIP.   It is called Santa Sampler by Needle’s Notion.  

Since I had to wait for the five skeins of Cranberry to be shipped, I started with the white and worked my way from the placard of the sweater up.   The Cranberry arrived and I went to work on the hat which I decided to stitch in long-armed cross.   As I worked from my copy of the pattern, I became increasing aggravated.   It was the lack of symmetry of the pattern that was troubling.   All the while I was really proud of how meticulously I was stitching....even the back was looking good.

But I continued to be vexed by 21 stitches on one side of the face and 17 on the other.    Looking at the photo of the finished piece it was hard to see since the piece is finished as a stuffed stand up.    I expressed my frustration at stitching the other night and Pat (Thank you, I mean it sincerely!) found the problem.   Seems when I was doing that government job of making a copy of the pattern at work, the edge of the pattern did not copy.    Four columns of stitches were not shown on my copy.

Because I stitched each row as long armed cross and ended the thread on each row......I had no choice but to frog 5 to 6 stitches on each row.   It was a bit like weeding in my flower bed.

Below, on the right side is the TRUE edge of the side of Santa's face.

As of this morning, I have managed to weave in all the ends and re-stitch the hat and been able to continue with the white.   So very glad I have been able to salvage my screw up and so very glad this Santa now has a balanced face.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching......


Robin in Virginia said...

Your Santa is looking good! Love the colors!

Stasi said...

Oh how frustrating!!! Glad Pat could figure it out and you have it under control.

Clare said...

Looking lovely. so pleased you found the problem. I have this lovely pattern and want to start it soon. Happy Stitching.

butterfly said...

Love your Santa ,so happy you found out about the mistake.
Have a good week.

Marilyn said...

Sorry you had to rip out stitches.
Santa is looking great.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of progress. He is looking great.
You'll have him done long before Christmas.

diamondc said...

Robin< I totally love this Santa, you have made great progress.