Sunday, February 16, 2020

New Beginnings....

On my commute out, I was at a red light with a
horse and buggy.   Not your usually red
light traffic companion.   
I am just back in town from a two week plus visit with my son,  D-in-L and Mr. William.  Since I am trying to keep to my pledge to finish some old old old UFO's,  I took several small projects with me to work on in the evenings once everyone was in bed.   Me, the night owl, was able to get in a good hour each evening while watching Mindhunters on Netflix.

It is hard to remember why these pieces were relegated to the basket o' shame of unfinished objects when so few stitches were needed for completion.

First up, is a Christmas in July Project from EGA.   This was finished in an hour's time. I only needed the beading and the central flower and leaves which were created using Japanese Ribbon embroidery. Certainly not a fair worthy completion but it is finished and moved to the finishing pile to be made into an ornament.

 My next finish took two nights to complete.    This is a needlepoint bat measuring wing tip to wing tip about 5 inches.   He will be finished as a Halloween ornament.....not quite sure how I will accomplish that with the stiff canvas but I will give it a shot.

My next finish is Pioneer School Girl from Betsy Morgan.    All the smalls were done and I just had to complete what will be the outside of the book.

Somewhere along the way I did something that made me off two threads when I got all the way across to the right but was not noticed until the row with the numbers.  As per usual in my side-track Robin manner I had already stitched the dividing bands and bottom and right side border.  I figured out where my mistake is.   I was consistent in making the same error on both top and bottom borders.  I will have to remember to compensate on the finishing to allow for that.....because I don't want to frog over half the border.   Well, I say that now.......but it will probably bug me and I will frog it.   Could be a good thing to do on an upcoming flight to Florida.

I also finished a knitting UFO, a small blanket for Will to snuggle with but I didn't get a photo of it.   He loves to play with his mommy's long hair, so Damma put long lengths of yarn using overhand knots are each corner for him to play with and to give mom's hair a break!

The last project I worked on I did not finish.   This is a Tudor Rose Needlebook with a publishers date of 1996.    I will not take pix of the back and share with you the carrying mess of threads I have from work done way back when I didn't know any better.    I actually had none of the black border done when I picked this up.

This is how far I got.    It is so funny to stitch on Aida again.    No cheaters needed.    Aida or not it is part of my pledge to finish UFO's.  Since this is going fast as well, I plan to keep working on it to get it done.

While in State College anticipating the arrival of the newest little family member, we took a couple of  mountain hikes in the cold air to encourage her along.

 Willy got tired.

Little Raegon arrived on February 10th weighing in at 8 lbs. 13 oz. and 21 and 1/2 inches and was greeted by big brother.  Mom and baby girl are doing great.   Will is smitten for sure.

I was able to help with cooking meals, dishes, laundry and entertaining Will.  I had a great time but Will had a rough week.   Two days after baby sister was born, he swallowed a dime.  Cause for much to worry about but no ER visit.   Then on Friday night, Will burnt his finger tips on some too hot hot fudge for sundaes we were making.   Hand in a cup of cold water for an hour and we couldn't get him any relief, and since they blistered almost immediately it was off to the ER with Damma and dad.   And as you can see by Will's get up you are never quite dressed appropriately when you have to visit the ER.   Fireman boots, Christmas pj's, reindeer hat.......what a fashion argument.   Fortunately the PA said all was well, keep it dry, clean and covered, Children's Tylenol and follow up with the the pediatrician this week


Yes, just another chapter in the Thompson Archives.    It was really a great visit but at the same time it sure felt good to sleep in my own bed last night.   I did arrive home to find a delivery from Sassy Jack's with two pieces of 28 count banding.    I am starting the Jeannette Douglas SAL in collaboration with Sassy Jack's and I want to do the Peppermint FB SAL of 52 weeks of Blackwork.   I want to do both on banding.   One started January 1st, and the other February 1st.    I am determined not to start yet another project until I finished the Tudor Rose needlebook!   If the two SAL's are my focus, I am sure I will be able to catch up.    As for the Jeannette Douglas SAL, Sassy Jack's has YouTube class videos I hope to watch tomorrow and make notes so I can jump right in.  I am thinking by week's end I will start.

As for retirement so far, I am loving it.  I have been able to keep up with reading everyone's blogs and able to comment as well.   I haven't had a chance to cross any household tasks I had planned to tackle off my list yet but then again, I guess if I stayed home and managed to string a couple of free days in a row, then I could.   What is it my retired friends say, ..... it will be there tomorrow.   OMGosh....I guess I have settled right in retirement already.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching.


Lynn said...

Congratulations on the new baby girl!! You will have so much fun with her!

Marilyn said...

Great progress on your UFO's.
What a sweet pic of Will & his baby sister.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby! She's a cutie. And so is Will.
Lynn in southern NJ

Anonymous said...

Okay, so how many times in the past month have you said 'how did I ever have time to work??'
Hope those hot fudge fingertips are getting better.
I really like the looks of the Jeannette Douglas Sampler, but keep telling myself no, no, no, Market is just around the corner.
Enjoy your week.

Stasi said...

You have been a busy, busy retiree!!! LOL
All kidding aside, some nice finishes AND a new grandbaby as well...she is precious. Poor Will...that was a tough week...hope he is feeling better.
I'm doing both those SAL's on banding as well..we'll have to compare notes.

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! Hope Will's fingers are healing well! Good for you on getting some of your UFOs out of the way! I am looking forward to seeing your SAL starts on the banding!

Christine said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby! Love the way you're organizing your PHDs so thank you for sharing that!

diamondc said...

Robin: So sorry Will has an owwie, I hope he is healing well.
Super sweet photo of him and his little sister.