December 4, 2023

December Starting up with Finishes

I ended November and started December with a little side trip.   My friend, who lives in Tennessee but was visiting family in NJ, had an obligation and had to drive from NJ to Tennessee to go back home.  It is an 11 hour drive and she said she wouldn’t be back in NJ for Christmas because the doing the drive alone is getting to be too much.   So what do retired stitching friends do, they say we will come with you and share the driving.  Down we went on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and returned December 4th.

We had a great time and the week flew by and we were on our way back to NJ before we knew it.  Our mornings were running an errand or two (if a visit to Hobby Lobby counts as an errand), lunch out and then back home to stitch away the afternoon and evening.   I made more progress in the last week than I expect to the rest of the month which is why I am doing my post early.   

Knowing I can’t stitch while in the car,  I took some of my trims to wind on bobbins from Madam Sew.  I decided to group them on the cards by color rather than type.    I have most of my trims now on either these bobbins or on ones I made as seen below.   Madam Sew’s are sturdier and larger.  Mine were made by decoupaging a print out on comic board.  I have already ordered two more sets of bobbins from Madam Sew to finish up my remaining trims……because you know we save every piece of trim or ribbon that comes our way.  Having these wrapped will make it easier to find just the right trim when doing finishing.  

Just under the wire before the end of the month, I was able to fully finish November and December from A Year of Celebration from HOD.  It was one of my November WIPGO assignments.  I pre-cut the batting, backing and mat board before my road trip.   That is half the battle.  It was easy to fully finish them.  Six months down and six to go.   Now if only I could get the numbered tiles moved to the proper place for December!

On the 30th, I worked on my Halloween stitch.  I may be able to wrap this one up on the 13th if it turns out to be a good stitching day for me.

I finished the “January” branch for my temperature tree.  On the right below, is my friend Lisa’s temperature tree.  I want to get at least the January and February branches done before the 1st of the year.

I  did a little embroidery and wool work on pre-printed pillow tops.   I added some wool pieces, beads and buttons along with some stitches here and there.   These are three of six and when fully finished, these will make cute bowl fillers.

I also fully finished this lovely needle-book from a class with Lady Dot at Quilter’s Station in September.  Again, this is something that was about 90% finished when something else shiny passed in front of me and caught my eye.    

I even hemmed the sleeves in my coat.  The coat I have been carrying a spool of thread around in the pocket for four years for that particular reason.   Ugh!  It only took 15 minutes… is off my to-do list!

To round out the finishing, I added the twisted cord and hanger to this Christmas in July ornament.

I worked on my 4th of the month stitch piece….a day early since the forth would be spent riding/driving 11 + hours.  My version is on the left and Diane’s is on the right.  The original was done is all gray tones.  Diane prettied it up with patriotic colors and I jumped on board when I saw her creativity.

I stitched one of Lila’s Studio Red Sweater patterns when in Chattanooga.   I bought, of all things, plastic that resembles perforated paper and started stitching the same sweater pattern on the ride home.   I don’t think I have ever have stitched the same pattern twice and this will make the third time for this sweater pattern.  Once was for a friend and these two will be for the kiddos.   

Lot’s of little things done and loose ends tied up.  

Because I was in Tennessee, I left with the fall decor up and the Christmas decor still in the attic.   So I’ve week or so ahead of me to try to turn it all around into a Christmas wonderland.   Between decorating and obligations and events, I don’t know if I will get much stitching done the rest of the month!   Here’s hoping!  

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!


  1. Great projects!
    You've gotten a lot done.
    Love that sweater ornament.

    1. Marilyn - most were just a ‘bit’ from being finished or were easy stitches. I feel like compared to a big old sampler they shouldn’t count! Thanks for your comments. Robin in NJ

  2. Your sweater finish is adorable. I stitched the Joy one as a gift for 2023. You got a good bit accomplished for December, Robin. I am still sporting the late fall look here and can't get motivated to take it down. Enjoy your December!

    1. Ugh! Took all the fall down yesterday and put it away. Got out all the Christmas decoration bins and they are just sitting in the dining room….got some appt or event everyday. Hope to tackle it Monday! Enjoy YOUR December, Robin in NJ

  3. It's only been a week since your last post and you've accomplished all of this
    and I'm sure so much more that won't fit on the page. It's a good thing that you're retired, how did you find time to work all those years?
    Enjoy the month.

  4. Shirley. - so much of it was wrapping up loose ends of things almost done. But I really don’t know how I did have time to work! Robin in NJ


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