Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bureaucratic Mumbo Jumbo!

ARGH!!!! I have been put at least 60 hours into the website I am working on. It is is is kind of awesome, or at least a bit more up to date that the former site......and it is sitting in Yahoo limbo.

I have updated - months ago - all the info with the domain. New email address of the website developer or registrant - which is me. There is a whole other entity out there call Go to and type in any website address and this site will give you all the particulars about the website. Who the host is, who maintains the site, where the site is located, all pertinent information and IT stuff.

For whatever reason, the updates I made at the domain have not filtered to I cannot move the domain from the current host to Yahoo until the email address is changed because the top secret access code to make the move will be sent to the current address listed with and NOT my email address. should be sitting in my chair! This is the Reader's Digest version of what has transpired over the last month.

The first email guarantees ease....please submit X and in 24 to 72 hours we will respond. Then please submit Y and in 24 to 72 hours we will respond. And yet again, please submit Z and in 24 to 72 hours we will respond. Now let's add to the mix that with each request a new customer service rep is assisting me. They sign off with names like "DAX", "Svetlana" and "Patel" lie. Even though I reply to the email sent I get a new 'case' number each time. Dax tells me all is fine; Svetlana tells me I need to renew my domain; and Patel indicates I must change my email address at and is attaching the form. Not, done and good until August 2011 and forgot to attach the form. Not to mention each one wants to be brought up to date on what has been done to date. Have you even heard of reading the email trail?
Thursday, I made a call while at work because naturally their hours are 9 to 5, M-F. I spoke with Da-Vid. And seriously, not to offend anyone, this guy sounded like Rahm Das from that wacky British movie. I was assured all would be handled and he was emailing the necessary forms to my personal email. Sure enough they were there last night but I have to tell you.....for a web hosting company, for a internet related company..............they need to get into the 21st century. Their email and pages look like DOS programming. The magical "form" I was to complete was so poorly formatted and seemed to have been copied and pasted as a text into the email.

Not to worry.....some creative printing and copying that could be accomplished by a fourth grader and I have a form that resembles something a bit more professional then what was provided. I have completed, had notarized, and faxed back earlier.

Now I sit and wait for the domain gods to smile kindly on me and allow the sacred passage of the almighty registration key and authorization number to pass to me for my hand off to Yahoo. And just think, I pay for this service..........

Update: It is no wonder I get confused .....I check the info on the domain register and all the info is listed even the correct email address; I check the registration info at and all the info is listed except the wrong email address; then I bounce to another screen on the domain host site and link to a search on the domain opens and declares there is no such site as just listed on the two prior searches. I am going in circles and somewhere computer nerds are wonder I have verdigo!

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