Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Weekend

The view on the interstate - foilage was much prettier than it looks

The sky was so pretty. So BLUE it almost hurt the eyes!

The upside of the Walt Whitman Bridge

The city in the distance from the Walt Whitman.   Click on the pic and you can
see IKEA through the hand rails.   A favorite store!

The city from the Schukyll Expressway

On my way home, Kelly Drive near Hunting Park

There is a statue of a man on a horse in the center of the shot.

Not sure how I managed to get this centered to perfectly.   It is a statue of what appears to be Athen's wrestler.  The Schullkyll is in the background.   As always they were sculling and you can see them to the right.

Cool stone trusses for the train bridge.   I almost want to hold my breath
for fear four cars wide won't fit at the same time.

Nice view as I get on the Vine Street Expressway

The Vine Street Expressway

I meant to get around to posting about my great weekend.    I went to spend the day with my daughter in Philly.   We always have a good time and we laugh a lot and get a little crafting in too.   As I prepared to pack the car with my WIP's and my sewing machine and a few fat quarters to boot, I thought about how a few short years ago - well maybe 10 - I would have froze in terror at the thought of riding to the city, I would have had the white knuckle grip on the steering wheel, let alone driving it and by myself!  Cells phones and GPS have taken away much of the fear of driving alone.   I can't believe how far I have come from the little country bumpkin where there are literally no cars down the main street after 10 pm and for me who is accustomed to the unmonitored table of fresh produce that sits at the side of the road with the old coffee can for your money in it each summer to THE CITY!  I am grateful for what I have learned from my children! So I took my camera with me and randomly shot photos along the way.  There was no aiming; I was just pointing and clicking.  I of course got the shots of my forehead and the headliner of the car as well at the shots of my lap and the shots of my floormats but I got some good ones too.    First the leaves along my ride up the interstate.   The photo does not do the brilliant colors justice.   Now, over the river and into the city.  The shots I took of Citizen's Bank Park (where the Phillies play) were not so good so I deleted them.   But I got the skyline from the Schulkyll.  I also got bumper to bumper traffic from South Street on.     I had to stop taking pictures because the batteries in the camera  were so low I had to let it sit on the passenger seat to kind of get its energy up.   And I thought for  fleeting moment someone might spy me taking photos and turn me into Homeland Security because no one but a terrorist would be randomly taking photos while driving on the expressway.   I got some photos on the way home along Kelly Drive.   How did I manage to get these two?    And then there is the Vine Street Express Way...not a bad ride this time.   The Ben Franklin Bridge....this is one of the coolest bridges.    Again, pangs of fear that I may be construed as a terrorist.  This bridge is a beautiful specimen.   The train runs along the sides.  It is really pretty at night with the lighting they have.  

The Ben Franklin Bridge - the trains run right next to the car lanes.  
Cool view for both the car passenger and the train passenger.

The Ben Franklin Bridge

A few years ago they discovered subway stations that were built in the uprights but apparently closed or never used.    WOW! 

Triple A Ball Park, Camden NJ

It was a different drive taking a camera.   Here is a  ball park where the Triple A team the Riversharks play.  This is a cool view when there is a night game!  You can see uprights for the Walt in the background.    All photos should be clickable to enlarge.   Hope all enjoy my photo journal as much as I did during the experience. 

Oh yeah, and we crafted in between my commute to and from.

PS 11 p.m. @#$^^$@$!!!! Why is uploading photos sometimes impossible!!!  And of course I deleted them off my camera.   I will try again tomorrow by emailing them to myself and uploading from my laptop!

PS Duh! Why not just download them on to my Cruzer stick and then upload. Works like a charm!  I need to do a little rearranging but at least I got them uploaded and labeled!


Anna van Schurman said...

I've photographed the Ben Franklin from a Duck Boat. So far no homeland security knocking on the door! ;)

EvalinaMaria said...

Sounds like a lovely trip. I can't wait to see photos, specially the Ben Franklin Bridge.

CindyMae said...

Sounds like a great time with your daughter. Hopefully we will get to see pics soon! Darn Blogger!!