Friday, October 30, 2009

Fitness Plan Challenge

I've got to do something here. The menopause pounds, the quitting smoking pounds and the need to help justify the hours spend on the internet which has comtributed to the lack of physical activity.....need I say more.   Face it, cross stitching does not exactly keep one in shape.  I log in everyday to check email, update my website, check blog posts, look at ebay sales, window shop at cross stitch sites and why not obligate myself to log in a record my treadmill progress?  I need to get my incentive somewhere so if it is because others are watching is what it takes, here goes.   Watch carefully for if I faulter........I just might delete this section. For now, I will list the date, the distance and the time I walk. I do not plan to walk everyday but plan to walk more days than not. If anyone wants to join in, please just add a comment to this post.   I will add your name, date, time and distance on the sidebar with mine.  As Bugs Bunny would do, let hope I don't end up in Pismo Beach.   Remembering that each journey starts with a single step here goes.

10/30 30 minutes 1.55 miles

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