Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not much stitching going on so far today

First, my little Gavers in his Halloween costume last night giving me his Batman pose, then his mom, or rather my wonderful d-in-l!.

Yesterday after work - yes another Saturday spent at the office - I went to the Goodwill Store.   I am usually at the back door dropping off but went inside to shop today.   I got a sparkling holiday shell, a gray wool blazer, a BRAND new Jones New York white blouse and you know you can never have too many of white tops.   I also got two new sweathers and neither of these looks like they have ever been worn.  Five items for $19.  What an inexpensive way to broaden my wardrobe.   The is the ultimate recycling.   

I did manage a bit of stitching during the week.   You know how sometime you stitch and stitch and don't see or feel any progress?   Well at least it happens to me......sometimes I feel like I am stitching in slow motion.   That was not the case this week.  I seemed to be able to show progress even if I didn't stitch for hours on end.  It's too bad the pink peony intersecting hearts in the center don't show up to well.

Picked up a new book last week and I can be almost as obsessed with reading as stitching.   I can't put this book down.   It is called "Turning Angel" by Greg Iles.   A very easy read and a real page turner.    It is set in small town south.   A prominent doctor has an affair with an underage girl and she gets murdered.   Oh course he is a suspect and the powers to be seem to be trying to railroad him.  All kinds of twists and turns, drugs and back room politics and that is all I can say without giving too much away.   This is the first book by Iles that I have read and I know it won't be the last.   I can just picture the antebellum mansions and the spanish moss on the trees and Smokey and the Bandit cops. 

I hope to post my Blogoversary giveaway this week.   I have a pile of things and need to do a little stash cleanout to see what else I can come up with as well as hit the LNS for some fibers.

Off to the treadmill and then need to bake a birthday cake for Gavin.  He is 8 years old and wants a Devil's Food cake and the homemade ice cream that I will wait and make with him after dinner tonight will be a surprise.   Lord knows we have enough Reese's peanut butter cups to smash up and add.

Note:   My daughter has spoken to her husband who is in his hotel in Tanzania getting ready for bed.  He is there to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!  Why?   Because he can.   He has to be 'in country' for 24 hours before the expedition.   His climb starts on Monday.  This is his first big climb and we are happy, anxious and excited for him all at the same time.  Go Mikey!


SparkCrafted said...

I heard from him again today! He's actually doing the motorcycle rental tomorrow (Monday) and starting his 6-day climb on Tuesday. By the time he heads to Amsterdam on Wednesday, he should be nice and recovered.

Can't wait until he comes home, though.

Meari said...

Cute costumes, and congrats on the great buys at GW. I found a couple of tops last week. Can't beat the prices!