Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Amy

Children - Amy's birthday brings all the normal memories.   It is hard as a mom to have your child so far away on these special days.   My memories go to last year when she turned the big '30'.  Her sister and I were in ka-hoots with her boss.   We pre-arranged our secret surprise visit since Amy travels for business.   I was afraid we would drive 350 miles to surprise her and she would be in Denver or wherever.    We did manage to pull off the surprise, cake and all had a great weekend of girl stuff, drinks, shopping, drinks and stitching.  Since I can't be with her, I sent her a little electronic happy birthday surprise as well as the new coat she picked out when we had the little Stampin Up Big Shot snafu.  So I am impressed with my bits of computer knowledge.   I found a you tube rendition of The Beatles, "Say its your birthday" and I  beamed this electronically to Amy on her email and Facebook account.   Who said you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks. 

This year, Amy and her college room mates are having a spa weekend.   You go girls! Work hard and relax just as hard.   (??) 

PIF - I received my PIF from Meari yesterday.   I already have an idea for the pretty fat quarter.   I have had such an obligation ridden week, it was nice to receive a surprise and to open and explore the goodies.  Hmmmm, what neat Halloween stitchy thing can I use the spool of Krenik on?

Posts - As I reviewed all the recent posts on the blogs I follow, I found that I was not the only one that was time challenged this week.   Here on the east, we were all pre-occupied with the nor'easter.  It helps to know that it is not just me suffering from my own poor planning.   I think it was the planets being aligned wrong.....  I for one have realized that the computer, the internet, the email, the blogging rob me of precious stitching time.  I am trying to limit my time to quick reviews during the week and a more thorough following on Sunday mornings of what all you talented people have posted during the week.  Yeah, it's a plan but then there is the execution of the plan.   Hmmm, I know myself all too well.   I will be sucked in my the need to *see* what is going on. 

PartyLite - I managed to buy the champagne candle glasses at half price.   No one on the list for these but I know they will make a fantastic shower present for a blushing bride.   These are so pretty.   There is a hollow center you place votices or tea lights in and keep the integrity of the wine glass.   When lite, you can see all the bubble trapped in the gel.  They make such pretty reflections.  I purchased red wine glasses for myself last year.   Each time I pass my pie safe where there are stored, I can smell them.   yummy!


CindyMae said...

Hope your daughter has the most wonderful birthday! Sorry you are not able to be with her! Great PIF!!! Love the candels!

Meari said...

Happy Bday to your DD. Glad you liked the goodies. Pretty candles!