Monday, January 4, 2010

Only a bit of stitchy time

Stitchie Stuff - I did manage a half hour this morning before work and hope to get in more later tonight.

Health/Exercise -  I wrote down every morsel I ate today.  I am going back to the weight watchers credo.   It is amazing how much food I put in my mouth when I am not even hungry.  Even worse, I have noticed I eat ravenously and am often done before I know it.   I think the maintenance of a food diary and slowing down will help the overall effort to loose weight.   This week the efforts will concentrate on no soda and exercise more days than not.    If I can make one small change each week I think I can be successful.  There is some formula out there that says if you do something so many days in a row it becomes a habit and that is what I am striving habits, good habits.    That and the ringing in my ears that says......nothing tastes as good as thin feels.......hmmmm, I remember how good it felt when the waist band of the jeans was baggy!   And I will be there again!

Happiness -  What made me happy today?   I have a major reprieve at work on the loan applications I am working on.   Apparently because of snow days and flu days, the state's extending the filing deadline until the 8th!  Of happy day, I wanted to do the happy dance but there were too many people nearby.    I am 98% complete and all the exhibits are copied and is just those nagging few tidbits I need.   I was so happy I didn't even open them to work on them today.   Tomorrow I will tackle them and complete and have them delivered to the ODW early. 

Giveaway - Check out Julie  at I'll Cross That Leg and her give-a-way!    And be sure to head over to see what Kristi at Calico Prairie is offering up on her site.

Other stuff/progress - I managed to sort my paperwork for my two meetings I have in the next 10 days.   I reviewed my notes and the minutes for both will be easy and I plan to do them each this evening. I even brought home a binder from work to organize all my handouts from my EGA.  I also managed to work on some of the updates for the website I manage.  The Director of the Arts Board I sit on has a ton of forms she would like updated and linked.   I crossed a few off the list.

So I am feeling good about myself and my progress.  When the task is overwhelming, I remember the saying do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.....

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EvalinaMaria said...

I like your idea about food journal, it sure helps to stay on track!